Sonic 1: Colors Edition

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    Figured I should make a thread for this, seeing as it's a work-in-progress and the actual SHC version has a bad SRAM address which causes it to crash on some emulators and hardware.

    This hack aims to incorporate various features from Sonic Colors in the original Sonic 1, including Color Powers, 6 acts per zone, Red Star Rings, and more!

    Start+A - Quit level

    Normal Sonic
    A or B - Jump
    C - Activate Color Power (after collecting a wisp)
    Everything else is the same.

    Red Burst
    A or B - Charge
    Release A/B - Jump (and explode if charged)
    Everything else is the same.

    Violet Void
    D-Pad - Fly around

    Full Features

    * Wisps and Color Powers! I've always been a big fan of wisps, so now they're in Sonic 1 for your enjoyment/torture. The current demo includes the Red Burst and Violet Void color powers!

    - Red Burst: Sonic becomes a ball of fire that can jump indefinitely in mid-air and destroy all on-screen enemies with a charged blast. Hold A or B to charge, and release to jump. If Sonic is fully charged, he will create an explosion that destroys all on-screen enemies.

    - Violet Void: Sonic turns into a black hole that can float around and pull in objects and enemies, as well as pass through certain walls and obstacles. Pull in enough objects to grow bigger and be able to attract larger items!

    * Colors-Style Level Design! Some acts are extended versions of the classic Sonic 1 acts with new areas accessible via color powers, and the others are shorter versions of the same acts redone from the ground up with a heavy emphasis on platforming.

    * 6 Acts of Green Hill Zone! Yeah yeah, Green Hill Zone is in Mania and Forces and probably every other hack in this contest, but too bad, now you get to play through 6 acts of it.

    * 2 Acts of Scrap Brain Zone! Because the other four acts aren't done yet.

    * Red Star Rings! Each act has 3 to 5 Red Star Rings hidden in it! When you collect them, they are saved to SRAM and displayed on the level select menu, so make sure you have SRAM enabled in your emulator.

    * Boss Fight Edits! Green Hill Zone's boss is now fought as its own stage like bosses are in Sonic Colors, and it has been expanded, both in arena size and movement. There's also a pinch mode, plus wisps to aid in the fight!

    * Roger Craig Smith! You're still reading this description? Either read the credits or just play this hack already!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Main programming, art, modifications, ideas, and general everything except for stuff listed below

    Some other code things
    Mega PCM - By vladikcomper
    "Destroy all enemies and monitors on screen" code - By MarkeyJester

    Red Burst jingle (Mecha Green Hill Zone SMPS version) - By nineko
    Violet Void jingle (Terminal Velocity Act 2 SMPS version) - By LordXernom/DJ Error
    Boss pinch mode music (Sonic 2 - Boss Crazy Remix SMPS) - By LordXernom/DJ Error
    Level select music (Sonic Runners - Invincibility SMPS version) - By LordXernom/DJ Error​​​​​​​

    Tutorials used
    How to Add one more Act in Sonic 1 - By Robot Echidna
    Change Spike behavior in Sonic 1 - By FraGag
    Fix the Walk-Jump Bug in Sonic 1 - By Cinossu and Mercury

    Utilities used
    SonLVL - By MainMemory
    SonMapEd - By Xenowhirl

    (This version is identical to the SHC version except the crash is fixed)
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    Surprised this hasnt happened yet, at least to this degree of use. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out! Will definitely try out when I get the chance.

    If I may ask, what color powers do you plan on adding later that you think would be the simplest to add? I'm pretty sure Rocket wouldnt be that hard even though level design would likely have to be severely changed to account for that (and I can imagine freefall might not be the eaisest to code without a hitch... for some reason. Maybe not.)

    One thing I'd be excited to see is Laser get added, as that could be really fun with some creative level design.

    Either way, cant wait to play it.
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    The general functionality for Rocket is actually mostly coded already, though I'm still working on art and effects for it.

    Not sure exactly what I'll do for the level design with Rocket since I'm keeping half the acts (because there are 6) mostly the same as their Sonic 1 counterparts. In GHZ and SBZ I was able to add lots of secret areas above the main stage and hidden inside walls that could only be accessed with color powers, but not so sure how that will work for Rocket.

    Also, Rocket and Laser will be in SYZ and SLZ, but I'm not sure which for which. Gotta see what I can do with the layouts to accommodate them.
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    Rocket would be useful to skip SLZ's seesaw gimmicks, just sayin'.
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    I watched this game being steamed and haven't tried it or myself yet. It actually looks really good and I look forward to giving it a go when I have the means to do so. But I don't understand the 6-act setup. Six acts may have been how Colours did it, but it was too much. Even in S1, 3 acts can be a bit much. I think six acts is going to burn you out to create, and for people to play.

    EDIT: managed to post an incomplete version of this reply several hours ago. Whoops
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    I tried to run it in Bizhawk (uses Genesis Plus GX for MD emulation) and it crashes when you press start on the title screen. The level select partially appears and the music engine dies with the current note held indefinitely.
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    Did you download the one from this thread, or the one from the contest? The contest one had an issue with SRAM, where it wrote to an invalid address, causing the crash. I'd assume that bug was fixed in this thread's version, going by the 'Now with less crashing' in the title.
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    No I only had the SHC version. Crashing seems to be gone now!