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    Have you ever wanted to put in a CD while playing Sonic 1? Whether it be just to have it just playing in the background or you wanted to change the level music to whatever you like?

    Then, you've come to the right place! In this proof of concept hack, you can put in a CD of your choice and you'll be able to choose from two modes:

    1) Full CD mode, which plays the whole CD through while you play.
    2) Selection mode, which selects a CD track for each piece of music in Sonic 1.

    This hack uses Sega CD mode 1 to pull this off. Here's how you can set it up:

    On hardware:
    This requires you to own a Sega CD. Basically, just run in Sonic 1 CDDA through the cartirdge slot (with a flash cart or something) and put your CD of choice in the Sega CD, and you should be all set.

    On Kega Fusion:
    Before you can run this, make sure that in Fusion.ini in your Kega Fusion folder, you have this line:


    This line will allow Kega Fusion to use Sega CD mode 1. Also, make sure that in the options, you have also set your CD drive. Once that's ensured, load the ROM, and then put in your CD of choice and press Ctrl+B...


    You can load a CUE file (in the same folder as your music) that contains the music information once the ROM is loaded (as a Sega CD ROM).

    As for other emulators, we know Genesis Plus GX supports Mode 1, but I don't know how it's set up yet. If anyone who knows can notify me, that would be great.

    Programming - Novedicus/Ralakimus
    Additional art and music - BinBowie
    Additional music - LuigiXHero

  2. Blue Spikeball

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    Good job, I just tried it and it's great. Are you planning to give the same treatment to more games? I've been dreaming of playing the MD version of S3&K with a remastered soundtrack for a long time.
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    If I have the time to, perhaps. I've been thinking on it.
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    No offence, but what exactly is the point of this? I've worked with the MCD too, and CDDA playback isn't exactly complex. Does it really mean that much to people to play different music over the game?
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    From the point of view of someone that know nothing about hacking, I think it's pretty neat.
  6. Meh, for poops n' giggles? I think it's just something for fun for people to tinker with, which even though it may not be complex, it's fun to mess around with for those who don't really have the knowledge/time/resources to set up something like this.

    I wish I can delve into this, but lack of a working CD-rom drive for my PC and a flash cart precludes me for jumping in on this. Otherwise, I think this'd be fun to mess around with (I was thinking of adding it to a MAME cab personally)

    Of course, there's the option "You can load a CUE file (in the same folder as your music) that contains the music information once the ROM is loaded (as a Sega CD ROM)." but I don't understand how to set that up as I'm not sure how to make a Genesis bin file into something that can be read via the Sega CD, emulator or otherwise.
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    Yes. CD-quality audio and custom soundtracks have their value. That's the main reason the SNES' MSU-1 chip was created.
    Hello, the possibility of playing the MD Sonic games with remastered music by Tee Lopes, anyone?

    You don't need to convert the ROM. With Kega Fusion, after making the changes specified to Fusion.ini, you just need to load the Sonic 1 CDDA ROM, and then the CUE file, in that order.
  8. Ah, okay. I misinterpreted the OP's sentence. (The "once the ROM is loaded - as a Sega CD ROM" part confused me)

    I'll have to retry when I get home, I got an error loading the rom after setting up the Fusion.ini file.
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    This reminds me of Sonic 1 Redbook audio which also utilized Mode 1 on the Sega CD... It's cool from a technical point, but it's been done before back in 2011. I think your work is amazing regardless though.
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    This is largely true, except that didn't have the slick menu to customise your music choices and so on, did it? You had to burn the CD to a set .cue pattern:

    Track 1 = Title Screen
    Track 2 = Green Hill Zone
    Track 3 = Marble Zone
    ... etc.

    That was still really cool, but obviously a lot more limiting. This way, you can change your mind and reassign tracks to different zones/cues without having to re-burn the entire disc from scratch. Much more user-friendly!

    I'm imagining playing through Sonic 3 Complete (or indeed Unlocked, or some other variation to that effect) with tracks like this sort of thing blending into gameplay and frankly, I don't think my heart can take it.

    ... But I'm getting ahead of myself. This is very welcome work, mate. Thanks for putting it out there!

    If there's any one thing I reckon would be cool to add, it's probably not already there because it would be something of a pain logistically (menu-wise and so forth): rather than one track for speed shoes, regardless of the stage, it'd be cool to have a corresponding option with each zone so that you could (if you so desired) have sped-up dupe tracks on the CD-R for each one. I suppose the other problem with that is running out of space on the disc, right enough...
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    Looks like the links for this is already dead. I'd love to try this out on hardware :)
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    time to play sonic 1 with best soundtrack ever made from best game ever made aka sonic cd jp, les gooooo
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    I got around to making my own music compliation to play with the game, awesome! My only gripe is that i wish it would prefill the tracks 1-14 when it reads that there is 14 tracks from my cd. Great job though!
  16. Vangar


    I played it right through with my custom soundtrack, absolutely amazing. I found one bug. And one feature request.

    - The credits track doesn't play properly on hardware (mega drive 1 + sega CD 2) , when the first scene transition to ghz happens it swaps the track to ghz.
    - It would be great if the track select screen auto filled in the track numbers 1-14 without me having to manually do it every time.

    Otherwise, fantastic project, thank you! It would be awesome to make this for the other sonic games too!
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    @Vangar I'm sorry to say, but I've pretty much discontinued this project long ago, mainly due to the fact that I forgot to back up the source code and ended up losing it somehow. Don't really have the motivation to restart it or apply it to other Sonic games, to be honest. Currently focusing all my efforts on other projects, too.

    To be honest, I wasn't expecting anyone to continue having interest in this thing. Looking back, I should have just posted it in the random minihack thread, but oh well.
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    Ah ok, no problem. Well it was great to experience it anyway, thank you!
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    A shame you lost the source though now i know about this i'll probably integrate something similar into what i'm working on for people to play around with though that will be a while off as i'm still learning.