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Sonic 1 Brother Trouble

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by MarkeyJester, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. MarkeyJester


    Original, No substitute Resident Jester
    Hello I'm Dr.X.Insanity,

    I currently started a hack about 4-5 months ago called “Sonic 1 Brother Trouble” and made a Demo Release on Youtube,


    Now a lot of people highly recommended me to join “SonicRetro” and post this up (apologies if I've posted this in the incorrect place, I assumed it would be “Engineering & Reverse Engineering”), now I'm about done with this for now and am happy with the Demo, I'd also like to clear things up as I've heard people seem to have got me confused with another user/member already, and there are some obligations of idea stealing,

    So first of all, someone thought I was a member by the name of “drx”, this might have been my internet avatar name that has lead you to this conclusion, no I am not “drx” and I've never been a member of anything except Youtube, I guess I should have picked a more appropriate name than “Dr.X.Insanity” to seperate myself.

    And idea stealing, yes I'll own up to taking a few ideas from megamix, and other hacks etc, originally I really had no intensions to, but when you get down to it there's nothing else you can add really (all the great ideas are used it seems), so shoot me down now so I don't regret this in a few years time,

    I'd like to thank SonicRetro and the Sonic Hacking Community for giving me the chance to understand ASM and how the Sonic 1 Driver put this to great use, hope you enjoyed “S1Bro-Tro” and Happy April Fools!!


    P.S. Loved the “Megamix Leak” prank, Sonic 65!
  2. Cinossu


    London, UK
    Sonic the Hedgehog Extended Edition
  3. Tarheeltim


    This is one of the best hack's I've ever seen, not a big fan of manic though. : )
  4. Sonic 65

    Sonic 65

    Tech Member
    This hack is amazing. The only complaint I can really find is the EHZ music (which is kind of old to me by now), and how Manic doesn't have an animation for his throwing thing. With enough work, this could easily become the next Megamix.

    Also, thanks. =P
  5. Spanner


    The Tool Member
    Nice drumstick attack, although you took some concepts from other hacks this was actually well executed. Keep it up!
  6. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    Not a huge fan of Manic but as far as the rest goes... Awesome.
  7. Polygon Jim

    Polygon Jim

    Eternal Tech Member
    across town from Hinchy
    All the bitches.
    Yes, I saw it on YT yesterday, and it was awesome <3

    Can't wait to see more.
  8. BlackHole


    You're going to need MORE than help. Member
    I find the hack to be quite impressive. I'm especially intruiged by how you set up the zone transition area. Also, let me be the first here to welcome you to Sonic Retro.
  9. Sik


    Sik is pronounced as "seek", not as "sick". Tech Member
    being an asshole =P
    You've hit the nail right in the head, here is where hacks go =P

    Be happy you weren't confused with an idiot XD Fun fact is, drx actually does mean Dr. X, so um, does that mean you're his insanity? *shot*

    Nah, it's people being mean >_> In fact:
    ^ This. I can't come up with a good idea without actually making a whole new game.

    And now on the hack... Well, I've already said it on YouTube >_> Did you find a disasm of Sonic Classics/Compilation or did you disassemble it yourself? Because I don't recall any existing disassembly of the ROM. Also I don't recall that "ding" playing in the logo either o_o; Also lemme guess, the Sound Test is a mix of the Chaotix and Tempo sound test designs, right? =P

    I'll just stop saying the obvious stuff and be bad >=P For now I'd say that my major complaint about the hack is the blatantly obvious sprite overflow in the menus, especially in the Sound Test =| I guess a lot of the stuff being done as sprites could be put in the background (didn't check what is in what layer). I'm pretty sure it's possible to do what is being done without having sprite overflow.
  10. Tweaker


    Welcome! Glad to see you finally show up. :(

    This hack is phenomenal! I admit I was initially skeptical about its similarities to Megamix, but upon playing, I found myself extremely impressed with the wide array of changes you've made. Sonic controls smoothly in a first level with utterly superb graphics, matching deformation, an extremely fun level layout, and musical changes I did not expect to hear upon collecting various power-ups. While I was underwhelmed by the effectiveness of both the spin dash and peel-out, I found myself able to cope with these deficiencies via the jump dash. I was also overwhelmed by the number of possible paths the player could take—each playthrough felt like something new!

    The map screen, while not particularly my cup of tea, is very innovative, and original to boot. I like how entering the special stage is completely optional, and how you can choose which level to access in a very simple interface. The pseudo-remix of Emerald Hill was a nice touch, too. :(

    Upon reaching act 3, I was both surprised and pleased to find a totally new boss! I was frustrated with it at first, as I kept dying due to continuously being torn between collecting my last ring and landing hits on the boss, but I eventually found out its pattern and took it out promptly. While I found it a bit challenging for a first boss, the effort put into creating it is nonetheless ridiculously impressive. Nicely done!

    Playing through the game as Manic was an equally interesting experience. I found myself making extensive use of the homing drumstick move (very nifty!) as well as the high-speed dash move mapped to the B button. Not having a homing attack makes it very difficult to reach the upper paths, so sticking to the bottom made the levels feel pretty fresh. It's a nice touch that makes playing as the other characters worthwhile, and adds to the replay value as well.

    The options menu was something I totally did not expect. The unique interface, well-imported music and array of options to mess around with (Chaotix-esque sound test! :D) made it feel like it was worth it to make it as extensive as it was. Playing with the sound test in particular is fun, too, though I'm not particularly fond of how small the piano keys are. That's pretty minor, though.

    Considering all of the content you have so far was created solo in 4 months, this is an absolutely phenomenal piece of work! I have extremely high hopes for the future of this hack, and you are an extremely talented programmer. Well done, and I'm looking forward to having you both in this community and any future works you have to show off. :(
  11. Namagem


    I will whole heartedly admit that this game looks absolutely amazing. My only complaints are the jumpdash (sonic) and the autospindash (manic). It seems like those somewhat break the game, giving you more speed than you can handle, literally.
  12. NoNameAtAll


    MY HAT'S ON FIRE. HALP! Moderator
    I'll save my praise on the hack since everyone else has already said it. That said, welcome to Retro and great job on the hack. A solo outing in four months to produce that, as Tweaker said, is impressive.

    I'm no hacker, but even I can tell the significance of the effort gone into this. That said, have fun here at Retro. :(
  13. The Shad

    The Shad

    ↑ & ↓ & ↻ Oldbie
    I found it an interesting little hack. The few complaints I have are the level design, with great potential, has alot of stuff that just seems out of place. I see what you were going for with alot of the platforms, but some of it was just a bit too much as it looked more like a mess than anything else.

    Your special stage also kinda ticked me off. I'm all for a challenge, but the fact that if you mess up at the very beginning, you're fucked is like lolwut :(

    I'd also like to state, unlike everyone else, I played as Manic simply because it wasn't Sonic :P I'm curious as to if the drumstick or whatever does anything more and I liked the instant dash button.

    Your boss was amazing, for what its worth. I totally did not foresee that ass Robotnik dropping those balls like that and it killed me several times just as I was getting the rhythm down. Great work on that! Simple but painful!

    As for "idea stealing", its not like you copy and pasted everything ever from Megamix. Ideas are gonna be used. Its one thing to claim them as your own, but any bitching because you openly say "hey, I was influenced by this, so check it out" is an idiot and you should ignore them. Originality isn't a completely new concept, its innovation of the old and what you have you did nicely. I also loved the Emerald Hill track, as simple as it was.

    I never play demos any more because there are too many missed opportunities and more often than not, the best stuff ends up incomplete. I'd like to see this go further!
  14. MarkeyJester


    Original, No substitute Resident Jester
    First of all, I am highly surprised by the number of people who actually enjoyed it, and like to say: “wow! Tech Member? I didn't expect that lol”

    no, I'm afraid not, I ended up making it myself with the use of the FG deformation in LZ, again I'm not saying it was a walk in the park, but it helped

    I'll take this as a to do list of minor fixes, lol, because I agree with you in certain terms
  15. Enzo Aquarius

    Enzo Aquarius

    20% Cooler. Member
    Canada, eh.
    Sonic TV Scripts, Sonic Comic Wiki Work
    It is quite amazing what a couple of days can do. Welcome to the community, you definitely deserve being part of the tech membership, your hack is amazing!
  16. Namagem


    You know, after actually playing it, I take back what I said about the homing attack and the autospindash. at this point, I'm not sure whether to praise your level design, or your programming. Each level feels smooth and right, even without the element of momentum. I like this. I really hope you continue and complete this.
  17. Chaos Knux

    Chaos Knux

    Stable avatar temporary. Randomizer site down. Banned
    Now it just needs moar Sonia. *annihilated*

    Seriously though, Good Hack!
  18. SMTP


    Tech Member
    Absolutely love it. No compliants at all from me.

    I want color test. :P
  19. Rika Chou

    Rika Chou

    Tech Member
    Wow, that's some really nice art you have going there. Definatly some of the best I've seen in a hack. Is it all original? I love it, when I first saw the youtube I thought it was a fangame.
  20. Hitaxas


    Retro 80's themed Twitch streamer ( on hiatus) Member
    Same here, Rika. I was quite impressed.

    This hack seems to be the next Megamix. :(
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