Sonic 1 and 2 getting the Sonic CD treatment by Taxman and Stealth

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    ^This, fucking hell I never got past the installation process. not all of us have these ridiculously high computer specs needed to run this emulator perfectly.
  2. Hey, I've created a topic on Sega forums to organize our PC-porting wishes!
    So, let's bark up the right three?

    Feel free to post there how you would love playing this on Steam hahaha.

    And then SEGA releases them on Origin...

    Oops forgot the Wü in the poll... :V Well, it's kinda forgotten so it ...fits?
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    The Hidden Palace Zone is great. This port is fantastic, much like the Sonic CD port on consoles.

    I hope Christian Whitehead will be given permission to direct a Sonic game one day (even if it's just a budget side game to release on PSN/XBLA). He clearly knows what he's doing, and his ports (which are really remakes) have received nothing but critical acclaim. Heck, even this Hidden Palace remake (which he surely must have had a large part in) has been received very well too.

    It just seems like a shame to waste such talent. He seems to have both the artistic and programming knowledge down to a tee.
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    Totally in agreement... though it definitely seems we WILL be getting Sonic 3K before that happens. That said, I REALLY look forward to how they will do that one... Personally I hope it is ALL packaged as Sonic 3 (Complete)... and not Sonic 3&Knuckles.

    As for an original game... PLEASE don't let it be a "Sonic 4". Something else.
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    So just how is Sonic 2 doing in the sales and charts?
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    I guess the difference is still large enough to affect how I play then. It's not a knock on your work, since you got it as close as reasonably possible. But it just feels way off for me, even using a PS3 controller. I dunno, maybe my phone is at fault.
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    Right now, it is the #37 paid app on iTunes, behind other gems such as Terraria, GTA: SA, Walking Dead Season 2, Infinity Blade III, Minecraft, and KOTOR. And Duck Dynasty. But it's barely beating Angry Birds, so you can take solace in that.

    Actually, why is the app icon so shiny? It, LostWinds, and Plants vs. Zombies are the only shiny game icons I have. It's even more jarring when the icons for Sonic 1 and CD were more matte.
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    Sonic 2 iOS sales are a bad indicator as for many people the game was an update.
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    It's #12 on Android's Top Paid, if you must know. Mostly behind a few crap games.
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    They could also release it as the episodic game it's always been, in the same way Telltale is doing with The Walking Dead, for example: the first episode being required for the menus and such and then having each of the DLC freely selectable before starting/loading a game (but with the added option of playing through the whole thing).

    That way, Sonic 3 could be released as soon as it's done, and then Sonic & Knuckles could be released as DLC once it's polished enough. I think that would be the best way of modernizing the Lock-On concept, while also testing grounds for possible future retro Sonics...
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    It's also the #2 top new paid game and has been there pretty much since release.
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    It felt weird to me as well, but I put it down to the new tube animations throwing me off. It felt unfamiliar, yet was not noticeably different.
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    Are you guys sure that the collision detection in the Special Stages is not too narrow? It might be the reason why they're harder, rather than the more fluid animations.
  14. The unique way to compare them would be opening the game and an emulator and play both at the same time.
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    Is this guy serious? This is why I only go to the SEGA Forums once in a blue moon these days.
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    We NEED these remakes on the Wii, so that the Steam Boxes will fail.
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    You guys know Stealth-Tax have one more side-scrolling Genesis Sonic platformer after S3K to remake before they run out and can then hopefully pitch new Retro Engine Sonics with, right?
    Add Sonic and Tails for Crackers shenanigans, and boom.
  18. You don't see how brilliant his posts are. I mean..
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    Whenever that case is bound to be discussed, I suspect that SEGA might be more willing to give them more liberties in adding stuff that wasn't originally there, like Sonic + Tails, a more standard control scheme or even some finished Sonic Crackers levels.

    EDIT: Not that I didn't like the original Chaotix (I love its overall uniqueness), but I can see why it's just not everyone's cup of tea.
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    I'd pay money for Taxman and Stealth to not bother with that game and instead put their effort into something worth remastering like Ristar. Of all the Mega Drive + add on games worth remastering, Chaotix is around the bottom of the list.