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Sonic 1 and 2 getting the Sonic CD treatment by Taxman and Stealth

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    So why didn't Hidden Palace Zone use the unused sound test music again? I thought someone here said that it faded out or something but I'm not hearing it here:
  2. Rika Chou

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    No spikes, just a pit.
  3. Hero Of Fate

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    Tried some of it using joy2key on BlueStacks. Didn't get far but, I love it already. The special stages look great especially.
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    It was considered, but it didn't fit the pace or the theme of the level. Besides, as much as I love #10, it doesn't fit as a level track.
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    Since it's practically perfect 3x resolution (as far as I can tell (at least on 720p devices... not that I actually have one)), any chance we could get an option to totally disable the filter? It's not all that bad, but I prefer no filter.
    if you can't see the difference between those images you should probably get your eyes checked

    This goes for... well, pretty much all the releases so far (1, 2, CD), so it's probably asking too much to go back and update all of 'em, I imagine.
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    Alright so I got Bluestacks, bought the game, and got it working. The experience is abysmal due to severe slowdowns. Oh, and I just LOVE those fat intrusive translucent buttons plastered all over the view, that really allows me to see the game as it should be.
    This remake is magnificent and I cannot stress how much of a waste this is being only on phones. This so very, very badly needs a PC release, I will buy it again on Steam. I do not understand why Sonic CD got a Steam release and these aren't, especially when it would be an easy way to net many more sales, none of this makes any sense.
    Taxman, please, you have to tell us something about the game's platform situation.
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    It's funny how people complain about this without ever bothering to check the settings first.
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    Perfect solution for the spike pits! You guys are awesome.
  9. McAleeCh


    You can turn those off in the settings menu within the game - go to "controls", and then reduce the D-Pad size and D-Pad opacity to the absolute minimum - this makes them completely invisible in-game.

    I agree that a native PC port of these remastered versions of Sonic 1 & 2 (along with a proper native PC port of Sonic CD 2011, as opposed to the port-of-a-port that's currently out there) would be preferable and am fervently hoping they'll at least get a "collection" release together if an S3&K port is done in future. However, for the time being, hopefully this will help you to be able to enjoy them more through Bluestacks.

    Though if you're getting severe slowdown, you may need a better rig anywya. I've got a PC that wasn't exactly top-of-the-range back in 2009 when I bought it, and it seems to run fine for me!
  10. Hah, I was sort of curious after I was literally blown away with their single player solution to the spike pit debate, but I knew they'd have to make a choice for two player. Thanks!
  11. Sir_mihael


    Not in the actual Sonic 2 game, but in the original demo track for this song (finally released on CD along with the Sonic 1 demo tracks!) the song played through once and then ended, as if it was originally intended for a cutscene or something very short.

    Listening to it there, I couldn't imagine it being used for the stage we ended up getting in the game. Mystic Cave 2P suits it a lot better.

    (I fucking love that sparkly ending though. I actually wish the game version kept that)
  12. Mr Lange

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    I did check the settings before I played the game, didn't see the option. Still doesn't resolve the overarching issue of this being on godforsaken phones and not on PC.
  13. Stealth


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    This post contains all that can be said
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    Question for you Stealth.

    Did you and Taxman talk with Sega about porting these to handheld systems if not console systems? If they turned it down, was it because of the same reasons it's not coming to consoles? Did M2 already making 3D ports of classic Sega games to the 3DS play a hand in it?
  15. Aww no super Tails in single player :C )

    Just in case wrote in Spoiler.

    but in Debug, he is Super :).
  16. Nova


    I've replied to you before but I'll do so again - I agree, a PC port would be nice but why are you so angry about it? You seem to really have a bee in your bonnet regarding smartphones/tablets.
  17. Wasn't the whole point of releasing on iOS and Android first was to allow people here to point out all the bugs and things they want changing, then when everything is pretty much done, THEN hand it over to SEGA and give them the go ahead to port it to consoles and back to PC? I assume those plans got muddled somewhere.
  18. ICEknight


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    I don't think it was ever the point of it, but more of a side effect.
  19. I could have sworn though, at least back with Sonic CD that Taxman said he only worked on the Mobile versions, and that Xbox/PS3/PC versions were all done by SEGA porting it, they didn't have much input in those versions, hench why the PC version was a port of the Xbox 360 version and has that weird filter.
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    A question...does anyone know when the game will be released to Amazon App store? I can't buy the game on Google Play because I have no credit card now ( had before, bougth Sonic 1 then, but probably won't have again in years) and only can pay through Pay Payl, I've 3€ of promotional credit en amazon App store but it's only avalaible until January 12th...and I need to buy this!