Sonic 1 and 2 getting the Sonic CD treatment by Taxman and Stealth

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  1. This is the best thing I've seen in a while. I picked it up on Google Play and it runs perfectly with no lag in BlueStacks (I am having the same issue with the Xbox 360 controller not working, however). When it comes out on the Amazon Appstore, I'll pick it up for my tablet. And again when it comes out for consoles.

    Seriously, this is so fucking awesome. Excellent work, Taxman and Stealth!
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    I got my controller working in BlueStacks using good old-fashioned JoyToKey. Assign your axis/POV/movement buttons of choice to WASD or up-down-left-right, assign your preferred A, B, C and Start buttons to J, K, L and P on the keyboard, and you're good to go. It runs very well for me, except that the audio is perpetually way behind! It also tends to act up in the main menu; use the mouse to navigate that, as which icon you end up activating with controller/keyboard input seems to be a bit hit and miss!

    While I'm here. Well, what can I say? This is a beautiful, beautiful thing and I love it dearly. It probably comes as no surprise that I like this sort of thing anyway, but this really goes above and beyond. All the debug stuff. That
    business. Such a simple addition and yet it makes such a massive difference to that player mode. I'm in love.

    I may as well mention the two things that would make it even more perfect, IMO: Sonic 3-style level select on a completed save, including allowing you to go back for emeralds, and the ability to move the lives counter back to the bottom left if the touch controls are hidden. Hopefully an eventual PC port will address the latter. I can dream anyway, right?

    Millions of kudos. You are my heroes.
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    This game is fucking wonderful to play through with Tails, it changes up the gameplay a little bit but never seems broken. I usually never bother playing as Tails (even in Sonic CD), but in this port he's really fun. I especially love + - the additions to Marble Zone  

    And those debug features

    I hope this game sells like hot cakes because Tax and Stealth deserve it, and because this game deserves a console/PC port.
  4. Honestly I think this is the WORST time for casual gamers to realize they already have this game several times over on every system they own, this is the definitive Sonic 1 experience. I really hate Sonic 1 and I've found myself addicted to this.
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    Yeah, it's kind of an odd conundrum that BECAUSE the Sonic games have been re-released over and over and over, not a whole lot of people are even paying attention to this thing. If Nintendo hired fans to update Super Mario World like this, it'd get so much hype and adoration that it'd set a new standard for retro ports.
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    The worst part of it all is that these S1 and S2 remakes are being released only on mobile platforms, mostly to an audience who won't know or appreciate them any more than they did beforehand. It's a shame.
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    That still hasn't been confirmed. The fact that other versions don't exist yet does not prove that they never will. Until Taxman, Stealth, or Sega rule out other platforms, such pessimism probably isn't in order.

    Don't get me wrong: if that does turn out to be the case, I agree with your conclusions, but it's too early to tell.
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    Bought a new more capable phone just so I could play this and CD, mostly :P
  9. I wonder if it would be possible to add future DLC content such as additional characters like Amy (E-122 already made a great job both with creating CD and S3 style sprites along with adapting the Advance 1 moveset), Vector and Espio. Really would like to have them onboard for a truly ultimate version of the genesis trilogy.
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    No. Sorry, but, just no.
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    Uhm... is normal that you can see the lava at the end of Marble Zone act 1?


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    I noticed a few areas like that where the camera was either too low or not in the same location as sonic 1 megadrive, but I don't think it matters too much.

    You could have always bought an average priced widescreen tablet, but as someone who had a galaxy ace I can understand that an upgrade can be good :v:
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    EDIT: Answered already.
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    Bluestacks is not working for me :argh: Perhaps need better internet connection.

    Might try an android VM, see how that goes...
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    I'm saying this because a long time ago I found in some hacks (like Stealth's Kunckles in Sonic 1 for example) that if you climb to the top of the level and avoid part of it, when you are at the end...


    The camera is stuck at a similar height. But if you follow the normal path:


    The camera is in the normal position. That's why when I saw the position of the camera in the remake I started to wonder if that was done on purpose.

    BTW I love the Sonic + Tails option :v:
  16. A small part of me was hoping for a Tails/Knuckles and Sonic/Knuckles combination after seeing how the character select screen was...
  17. Why would it be a bad thing? I for one would like to have something that genuinelly plays fresh instead of being limited to two characters who, even if they are popular, for the most part play like Sonic and whose abilities only serve the purpose of reaching new places, not for changing how one interacts with the game itself, which I consider to be a more attractive incentive towards replay value.
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    The fuck, Tails and Knuckles are enough. I definitely don't want to see Sonic 1 act as a platform for a bunch of inane schlock.
  19. Overkill. Sonic 1 was always just Sonic, but the addition of Tails and Knuckles adds some replay value to it by giving you new ways to play the game as characters who were never officially in it. Playable Amy, Vector, Espio, etc, would be cool in a way but none of them were in the original Genesis trilogy and Amy was never playable in a classic game. If anything I feel those characters would be more acceptable for a new retro engine classic style game.
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    For those who were interested; I tried it on my iPod Touch (4th Gen). Runs absolutely flawlessly, and in fact might be better to play on there than on the iPad Retina (4th Gen), thanks to the controls being in a better position - and I have large hands. Anyway, 60fps, no slowdown at all. The special stage is beautiful at that framerate!