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Sonic 1 and 2 getting the Sonic CD treatment by Taxman and Stealth

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Mar 27, 2013.

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    O RLY
  2. Montblanc


    Not in the Play Store? Then what I'm downloading right now? :v:

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  3. You will forever be my hero if you have a link, it's not showing up on my phone

    EDIT: STOOOOOKED thank you
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    It figures, the moment I post complaining about it, the games goes live on the Play store. You've pulled one over on me again, Google.

    Already bought and downloading.
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    Funny, because the reviews on the US App Store site that I saw earlier were gushing with praise. Also, as has been mentioned, previously they released early on consoles and rightly got shat on for not pushing any patches to fix issues. Now they're getting shat on for holding off and going mobile-only at first (as I do believe they'll eventually release this on at least some of XBLA/PSN/WiiU/PC) so that such issues can be fixed, and thus saving money by not having to push an expensive console patch, and thus meaning:

    A) more profits overall across all SKUs,
    B) free upgrade from the old emulated version
    C) a more refined release when it does hit consoles
    D) it's potentially cheaper now that it would have been had they decided to do it the way they did SCD except for adding console patches

    Damned if they do, damned if they don't. This, I believe, is why many gaming companies (publishers, developers, hardware manufacturers, what have you) don't listen to customers anymore, because no matter what they do they're going to get shit on, thus they just do what the hell they want to since they get shit on anyway. This is what infuriates me about Nintendo, for example, and even they listen to the public sometimes (see: 60Hz on the Wii U VC, at least the last I heard anyway they were moving away from 50Hz).

    If you don't like platform gaming on a mobile device? DON'T FUCKING BUY THE GAME, WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT ON OTHER SYSTEMS. Hell, I tend to hate touch-based platform gaming and I still plan on buying this soon, after I get paid for a job I currently have underway (as I'll admit that I'd pirated the old emulated version, it being the same damn ROM that I've had legally on cart for years and as a ROM file for fewer years, and it's not even on my iPod anymore). It's only $3 USD so it's not like one is shelling out $20 or anything, it's a good impulse buy IMO given the praise from those who have actually played it.

    tl;dr: quit yer bitchin and wait to see what Sega's future plans are before shitting on them
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    >try to download off Google Play store
    >cannot purchase this app since your Xperia 10a is incompatible with this app
    >is running on stock 2.3.3 and runs Sonic CD and Sonic 4-2 rather okay.

    Buh? Anyone?
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    You know, all this time I thought Sonic 1 and 2 were being released together. I'm a little disappointed. But only a little.
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    I'm not. I'd rather them have focused on each game separately rather than trying to bounce back and forth between the two. Remember, this isn't a huge multi-million dollar team that has enough people to work on multiple projects. This is pretty much Taxman and Stealth + - (and did Marc have anything to do with the music? I know he got a special thanks in the credits)   .
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    I know Marc contributed that eight-frame Giant Ring animation.
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    I just picked it up and holy damn are special stages harder. I'm almost positive I remember the breakable diamond block things being a good deal stickier than they are now. I couldn't play for long because I'm supposed to be working right now, but I just had to try a zone.

    At any rate, I'm really glad this is out, and really glad to be playing it. Thanks for an awesome job, Taxman and Stealth!
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    I am disappointed in this development. Worst version of Sonic 1 ever.
  12. Skaarg


    I just downloaded it and played through GHZ on my phone. Very nice job to everyone involved. It feels perfect!

    Some small things though:
    Something's not right with hardware usage because my phone is getting HOT! I've tried several 3D graphically intensive games before and never had this problem. For reference I'm using a Galaxy Note II which has more than enough power to run the game.

    I'm experiencing a bug with the springs. I jump on one and there is the *boing*, but it is followed by like a second of loud static.

    I'll get used to it probably, but I feel like the D-Pad in Sonic CD was much easier to use. This I have a problem where I accidentally hit down a lot and start rolling. Could just be me though.
  13. Rika Chou

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    Got it and it works perfect on Kindle Fire. I haven't actually sat down and played through S1 for a few years so this should be fun.

    The wrecking ball looks very nice in motion, and the transparent shields and "glowing" emeralds are both nice touches.
  14. Making an assumption here, but I think this is because some (if not all) of the sound effects are recorded from an actual Mega Drive/Genesis, and the dynamic compression used on these samples seems to make the noise/static a bit more noticable than usual. The Official Sonic 1 & 2 soundtrack album & the Taxman Sonic CD port had a similar issue.

    Maybe ripping the sounds from an emulator would have been cleaner but less authentic sounding.
  15. LockOnTommy11


    Just bought it on Android but had already played it on my brother's iPod- Bring it on Wii U and I'll buy it again ;) Anything for you Taxman!
  16. Nova


    Holy shit, this is amazing. Again, great work guys. The special stages are kicking my ass and that has not happened in a long time. Also, the spin dash is great! It adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay (not played Sonic Jam unfortunately) and it is sometimes great, sometimes asking for death. I love it! It's like re-learning the speed routes all over again.

    So much fucking love for this. Finally a Sonic 1 port that I'm excited about.
  17. While I'm here, anyone had any success ripping the remastered music? Or is it available separately anywhere? Don't have any iOS or Android devices, holding out for a PS3 release. :v:
  18. Aesculapius Piranha

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    Love it so far!!! That menu system is a thing of beauty. The game has gotten a good update.

    That feeling of crushing defeat when:
    I start tapping on the menu screen out of habbit in the patter of the level select code.
    Trying to kill GHZ Eggman quick.

    Note: Currently at Marble Zone Act III Android ver.
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    Taxman/Stealth: If you guys are approached or tasked in the future with porting this to the PC (that is, if Sega doesn't outsource that based on the code you delivered for mobile), I put myself forth for testing as I did with Stealth's KiS1 hack way back :P

    From what I've seen of the special stage at 480 lines (from blur's video), that would look like butter at 1920x1080 60fps :D
  20. Bought it. I really enjoy it. Special stage kicked my ass in seconds xD.