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Sonic 1 and 2 getting the Sonic CD treatment by Taxman and Stealth

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Diablohead


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    Just did that and it works again.

    I like what you guys did to stop knuckles climbing over marble garden so easily, should have been a 1 up though :P

    Not found any easter eggs yet, unless
    jumping while holding up with S&T
    is one of them.

    I still find the special stages rather easy, with how smooth they rotate now it looks more trippy then normal.
  2. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Just finished Starlight Act 1 and noticed the additional sign post on the second exit. Nice touch.
  3. The Taxman

    The Taxman

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    Good to hear. I think Game Center can be a bit funny sometimes since I've done those steps before myself on other games.

    I guess Tails' Heli-lift move is a bit of a extra since we didn't list it in the instructions, but I'll give you guys one easy one to start off with:

    Change Tails' name to Miles in game:
    - Start in No-Save Mode as Tails
    - On the SEGA Screen tap the individual letters of "AGES"
  4. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Love it!

    Can you use Knuckles and Tails in Time Attack? I couldn't see any way to not play as Sonic in them. Also there's another bug concerning minimising the game- if you minimise it during the demo, you're once again taken to the pause menu when you re-open it and can restart them.
  5. ICEknight


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    Wow, the Special Stage looks awesome! Just like with Sonic CD, it seems like a real improvement! (Can't wait to see the "remaster" of Sonic 2's)

    The only thing I'm missing is the yellowish hue when entering/exiting it (which was blue everywhere else in the game), but that's just me nitpicking. =P

    EDIT: How were the new rotating walls made, by the way? Was each new tilted block drawn one by one, or is there some true rotation involved with a masked graphic inside?
  6. Xeeynamo


    There are plans about a Steam / Windows Store / Windows Phone 7 / PS3 / PSV / 360 version?
  7. Yusuke


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    From what I've gathered from what SEGA hasn't said, and Taxman has said, it doesn't appear to be on the cards right now.

    Also! Turns out the menu music wasn't from Sonic Jam as I originally thought, someone else asked elsewhere, and it seems to be from other SEGA collections. Neat! Very fitting.
  8. I don't see it in the Google Play store yet... :(

    Please tell me its gonna be on Android. Sonic Dash ditching Android has already been too much..
  9. ICEknight


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    Yeah, it's from M2's Sega Vintage Collections.

    ...Hey, if you guys have been able to borrow those tunes, perhaps you could also borrow their (supposed) NTSC filter they're using for the 3DS version's "Classic" display mode? [​IMG]

    (Without the fish-eye)
  10. Jason


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    Personally, I'd like to think SEGA is waiting for the entire trilogy to be done before bringing it to non-mobile platforms for a Streets of Rage Trilogy-style collection. But that's just me.
  11. FlackoWeasel


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    I don't see it either. I was worried at first that my Samsung Note 10 isnt supported or something, but it is not on my mobile either, so I think it has not released yet. I keep refreshing the google play :p
  12. Shadow Hog

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    Casual reminder. It probably won't happen until late today, too.
  13. Mosqui


    I had the chance to play this at lunch time on my colleague's iPod and I must say, it is an amazing version of Sonic 1. The many features make me giddy and the character selection also made me smile.
    I was only able to play Green Hill Zone due to time constraints and being forced back into the office, but I actually enjoyed it and am definitely buying this on my android when it's available.

    After reading through Taxman's comments here, specifically this one:
    I thought it only fair to mention a few things that I hope can be looked into, which I noticed were a little off:

    • The Green Hill Zone collapsing platform facing left uses the wrong art on the shading parts (the left and right facing platforms use different art in the original)
    • Collecting a speed-up monitor in Green Hill Zone 3, getting to and starting the boss with the speed-up still in effect and then beating the boss makes Green Hill Zone's music stuck on the sped-up version, even though speed-up has ran out by this point.
    • Some of the solid wall objects (and I presume art changes in some places) are strangely placed or use the wrong shading. Green Hill Zone 2 in particular has quite a few of these strange looking walls which use different shading, or are still cut off.
    • The spindash revving sound effect doesn't increase in pitch when used multiple times. It's a small thing that is also absent in the Sonic CD port, which is odd.
    • The boss behaviour took a little getting used to. Not being able to hit him until after he smiles (I think that was the trigger) was a little disorienting at first, but thinking back on it, it make sense.
    That's about all I can remember that stood out for me during my little play time.

    I love how much thought has gone into this though and can't wait to experience both this and Sonic 2 for myself without a time restriction (I wish my lunch break was longer. Haha)

    Kudos to you, Taxman and Stealth.
  14. Ultima


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    Congratulations guys. I will be buying this for my iPad soon :)
  15. TimmiT


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    Launch trailer:

    Nice to see them use Taxman's logo in it... and also Sonic CD music.
  16. GeneHF


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    Well... at least they picked a good region neutral song. :v:

    Still waiting for it on Android on my end, but I do hope sales become strong enough that Sega considers a platform port, maybe even a combined one with both Sonic 1 and 2 together. :eng101:
  17. Covarr


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    I suspect they're already planning a console port, but waiting until they've got all the kinks worked out on iOS/Android. After Sonic CD got mobile updates but not console updates when it needed them, it would absolutely make sense if SEGA wants to get it right the first time.
  18. Graxer


    What I suspect is that Sega are using mobile devices as a way to iron out bugs before releasing it on other platforms due to the fact that it is, as far as I understand, expensive to update console versions. In my opinion it will probably be released on other platforms eventually.

    EDIT: Ninja'd
  19. Vinchenz


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    Yep, definitely the definitive port of Sonic 1, better than the original Sonic the Hedgehog for sure!

    Although I love this port, it's still Sonic 1 so... I still find it pretty boring. I love the nice little graphical changes that have been made though (such as rings fading away).

    Also, the port has made me hate the special stages even more. Goddamn they are tough!
  20. GeneHF


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    Roughly 20-someodd years of conditioning will do that to you.