Sonic 1 and 2 getting the Sonic CD treatment by Taxman and Stealth

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Mar 27, 2013.

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    This is cool, but come on sega. How about sonic 3 and knuckles first? That one hasn't been released in any form for iOS.

    Regardless ill but these and remove those trash emulations
  2. If this means there might be more goodness with Tax's engine, I'm all for adding these 2 to my collection.
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    Hmmm...theres more to this then these ports. this is a test isn't it?

    Well you know you got our support SC both here and at SSMB, but for the outsiders these ports have to look worth re-buying, remember that these are games that been ported literally 50 times over each. hopefully theres something planned to make these Taxman ports look different then common emulator ports.

    And hopefully somewhere on a trailer in the near future it has "MADE WITH RETRO ENGINE" or "DEVELOPED BY CHRISTEN WHITEHEAD" somewhere on it. those hotwords are sure to catch peoples' eyes.

    Oh and it'll help if we can get it ported to more then just phones, more availability = more sales. just saiyan' :)
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    Testing the waters for S3&K, CD DLC or even something else? If these don't come to consoles and PC I'll gladly lap them up anyway, gotta support the Taxman. I'm sure they'll make it everywhere under the sun (and now the eShop! Maybe!)
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    Release it at Nintendo 3DS eShop. PLEASE.
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    Honestly speaking, unless this is loaded with extras I don't see it being THAT much better than the already-released emulated versions. Sonic CD got away with it because it was only re-released twice (PC port and Gems Collection), but Sonic 1 and 2 have been re-released to death so if people are gonna buy them then they need a real incentive to.

    Regardless, I'm gonna buy them and so should all of you, but I don't see them doing much better business than other ports of Sonic 1 and 2. I'm hopeful this leads to Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Knuckles Chaotix, and an all new classic Sonic game though.
  7. W.A.C.


    As long as this game has smooth looking pixels, I'll definitely buy all future remasters released for the PC platform. Otherwise, I might not get it simply because the lack of sharpness would make me rather play the original games in emulated form. :/
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    Sega you can has all my monies as long as you keep using that glorious tax engine. <3 <3
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    These tempt me purely because Sonic CD is the only game I've found that runs near full speed on my rather weak Android phone. I've not tried too many but most of the usual popular things are slow. The advantages of a rebuilt version like this over other things are optimization like that. Also gotta love classic Sonic in widescreen, though I wonder how a few of the bosses will handle that...

    I'm betting that if Sonic 1 & 2 sell well(if, that is, it still might have to compete with fellow emulated "ports" and the like) we'll get Sonic 3 & Knuckles that "locks on" to them, perhaps even an official Knuckles in Sonic 1 or Knuckles in Sonic CD? I wonder if a Sonic 3 & Knuckles Retro Engine port would have any of the many minor tweaks the community has done, such as how Super Sonic transformations work, Jam's difficulty settings, underwater palette fixes, maybe S3Complete's new title card icons?

    Though, was there this much staff going "BUY THIS" before when Sonic CD happened, both here and on the SSMB? I understand supporting a fellow Sonic community pal and general "put some actual work into ports like these" but I can't help but feel like there's something more on the line than that, be it Sonic 3 & Knuckles port, new levels, a new Retro Engine Sonic game or something else. Maybe I'm looking into things too much... either way, I'll probably pick up something, and definitely spread the word.
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    Sonic 4 Classic Edition would be nice, too.
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    I'm quite interested in what bugs features will be retained in this. Though these are nice, I kinda wish for SEGA/Taxman to actually develop an original 2D title with this engine, instead of making remakes of games that have already been ported to death.
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    Who knows? Maybe if this sells well enough it could happen. :ssh:
    I know nothing
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    It's far more serious. These will be the last Sonic games ever, just like R-Type Final - one last hurrah and then no more ever again.
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    Oh wow, I didn't realize this was already announced haha.

    SEGA asked me not too long ago to go back and revamp the mobile versions of Sonic 1&2. No more emulation, these are Retro-Engine remakes.

    "We've already played Sonic 1 a million times!"

    I know, so have I :P But this is more about bringing the other games into line with Sonic CD (iOS will get these as an update to the existing version). I can't mention specifics, but there will be the usual improvements and (non-sexual!) fan service :ssh:

    I'd like to also take this opportunity to mention Simon Thomley (Aka Stealth) has been working with me on this project. With our combined experience and different styles of "porting", this should be even more accurate than what I did alone with Sonic CD.
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    I might just go so far as to donate plasma (me having a very bad aversion to needles of all kinds) just to be able to afford this. Seriously guys, Taxman and Stealth? I see this as Sega trying to atone for the heaping pile of shit that they called "Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis".

    Knowing nothing but the contents of this thread, I reiterate what others have said. Support this release.

    Also, that's the first time I ever knew Stealth's real name, haha. :P
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    All right, awesome news, Taxman! Never doubted it was you, and it's wonderful that Stealth is working with you. I still remember the pride I felt in my fellow Sonic fans when he ported GHZ to the GBA, and made it way, way better than Sega had bothered to.

    I have one odd request to make, though:

    I can plug in a USB or bluetooth controller up to my Android devices, and Sonic CD works perfectly with them. In light of that, would it be possible to implement an option to disable the on-screen touch controls?
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    But then how will I give you more of my money?
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    If this makes it to the 3DS I'll bite, otherwise I have to be honest in saying I'm not so sure that I'll have much interest in this. Sonic CD made a lot of sense to me -- that game's had a bunch of ports all with their own problems (and finally we get one with a 60fps special stage) -- but it's harder to see what these have to offer.

    Now, if basically all the Sonic Jam content for these games makes it into the game, though, I might reconsider.
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