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Sonic 1 and 2 getting the Sonic CD treatment by Taxman and Stealth

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. ICEknight


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    The non working conveyor belt, the unused objects in debug mode and, more importantly, this thing:
  2. DustArma


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    Fuck that thing, I've lost count of the times that thing + air speed cap have caused me to fall to my death :argh:
  3. Lord Nero

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    As long as you let go of the d-pad once you hit it, you'll fly across safely, but yeah, that "thing" is certainly something I wouldn't mind seeing fixed as well.
  4. LordOfSquad


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    I always thought it was a trap and you were supposed to spin dash and jump over the pit instead.
  5. GeneHF


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    I just skip that whole part by jumping over the level.
  6. Cinossu


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    The conveyer belts was probably a last minute bug, and "that thing" doesn't really scream "unfinished" to me; more of a WFZ version of two springs facing each other with a small run section, like in other zones of Sonic 2.

    Also guys, guys. I've already mentioned this twice now. These aren't out yet; we don't know what fixes are and aren't in-place. Let's wait for them to be out before nitpicking at all the old things they could've fixed. At this point everything that needs to be "fixed" has probably already been done so, or has a plan for it, or isn't being fixed for the sake of authenticity that a lot of you seem to be wanting in these ports. You can't always have it both ways guys.

    tl;dr: stop with the "fix this" stuff; we've asked already, you carry on, we set the sharks in this thread.
  7. ICEknight


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    That's what I would have though as well, if it wasn't for the two connected things in the ceiling that only appear at that specific spot in the level, hinting at an alternate way for crossing that gap.
  8. Blue Blood

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    I'm really, really itching to play this now. I've downloaded the original iOS version on my iPhone for the sake of seeing what it was like (why not if the new version will just be issued as an update?) and it's beyond awful. It's slow at the best of times, but even then you can tell that the speed isn't at all steady by the way the music in constantly fluctuating. To make it worse, the music and other sounds are horribly crackly all the time. This level of emulation may have been passable back in the very early days of the iOS platform, but it sure as hell wasn't ever good. If it wasn't for the fantastic CD remake that Taxman produced before, I don't think SEGA would have the slightest interest in doing the Classic titles any justice. Heck, they definitely didn't with Classic Collection on DS and S1 in Generations. But now that CD '11 has happened, and S1/S2 are on the cards with both Taxman and Stealth at the helm, I can only be excited about the future.
  9. LockOnRommy11


    It's your iOS you have- I have iOS 4 on 2nd Gen iPod Touch, and it runs perfectly!
  10. Ayu Tsukimiya

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    In act 3 of green hill zone, you can fall into a bottomless pit if you walk on the spikes and fall instead of running into one of the platforms. Was this originally a glitch? If it was, will it be fixed?


    For the record, I got Sonic CD to work on my PC using Bluestacks. Android version purchased legally from the amazon store, then downloaded to my PC. Only downside is Bluestacks currently has no controller support, but the game otherwise plays beautifully. I even purchased a 10 foot HDMI cable so I can use my laptop on my lap for the keyboard while playing the game on my TV.

    I intend to do the same with Sonic 1 and 2 if there are no console ports to be found any time soon.

    (P.S. And for those who wish to assume I'm a pirate, downloading the rom doesn't work well at all with bluestacks, but buying the game legally works perfectly! Just buy it guys, this solves the no PC release issue without limiting our means to legally support it. I happily purchased the game both on Xbox an amazon now.)
  12. PsychoSk8r


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    Such a good idea. I am no good with touch controls. This completely resolves that issue for me. Much more likely to buy at day 1 now. =P
  13. Vinchenz


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    No, it's shitty emulation. I have iOS 6 on my 3rd Gen iPad and it runs at half the frames with shoddy music and the sound effects play crackily, just as he said.
  14. Blastfrog


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    If this ends up getting a PC port, I only have one request, and that's that the "nostalgia" filter keeps things pixellated and crisp at 640x480 resolution. When I play Sonic CD, I have to play it in a higher resolution to get it to look like nearest, because the filter ends up looking more like a linear filter than nearest. Note that I use a CRT monitor, so this actually would make a difference on my display (whereas it wouldn't on an LCD since it would just scale it anyway to the native res on the hardware level).

    As a kid I played the original PC releases of Sonic CD and S3&K (before I discovered emulation ofc), and fullscreen mode was simply 2x nearest in 640x480. I'd really like to have that same experience playing these rereleases.
  15. Cinossu


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    If you look through the SCD threads, you'll read that the PC version was a port of the 360 version. Taxman had no say in that whatsoever.
  16. Blastfrog


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    Yes, I remember that. I was just asking if this could be kept in mind for future releases, for whoever ends up doing the PC port. I don't really have much confidence in the MS guys though, they usually just do straight ports with no attention to detail. I wish they'd let Taxman handle the PC version instead of their incompetent internal porting staff.
  17. LockOnRommy11


    Yeah, it's the iOS. It wasn't optimized for anything over iOS 4. My brother upgraded to 5 from 4 and it started acting up, being slow, crackly and generally just crap. With my iOS 4.2 on my 2nd Gen iTouch, it's absolutely fine. I'll admit that before I upgraded to the newer iOS for my iPod it ran slightly better, but any framerate drop is barely noticeable.

    And I know this, because I've only played the game a bazillion times on the Mega Drive, Mega Collection, Emulator and other devices for the past 17 years :v:
  18. muteKi


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    Eh, I don't think the PC port of Sonic CD was poor on account of the porting staff (and for that matter as PC ports of console games go, Sega's usually one of the few that's even consistently halfway decent at it) so much as it was that they didn't have enough to work with, if that's what you're trying to say

    Now, why the guys making the decision to release the PC port decided that they needed to work off the 360 port is what confuses me since a) they're obviously still in contact and b) the engine is basically native-to-PC already.
  19. minichapman


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    Looking forward to this very much.

    I'm quite chuffed to have one of those Sony Xperia playstation phone thingies and CD ran like a treat on it's so more than likely going to run fine.
  20. Guess Who

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    This is an issue I've noticed on my third-gen iPad, but not on my iPad mini or my iPod touch - both of which run the games at full speed (sound emulation still sucks, though). Seems to be a device-specific issue.