Sonic 1 and 2 getting the Sonic CD treatment by Taxman and Stealth

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    Maybe they didn't want Sega to release Sonic 1 and 2 on the eShops and then be able to argue that they fulfilled their 3-game contract deal. The contract may have just specified that the next three Sonic games Sega made had to be Nintendo exclusive, as opposed to naming specific titles.
  2. I'm no expert lawyer, though I have completed all Phoenix Wright games, but surely a contract like that would state three *NEW* Sonic Games made entirely from the ground up for the Nintendo Wii U?
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    Is it overly cynical of me to think that Sega won't bother releasing the remasters on other platforms, now that a period of time has passed?

    I don't think they realize just how significant these versions were to a lot of people.


    Another good reason to push for the s3 remaster. We can add in the idea of re-releasing Sonic 1-2 as well, and maybe even a patched version of CD somewhere (much less likely, but hey). Or a collection release would fix all this.

    I can live with it if it doesn't happen thanks to Bluestacks, but still. Official proper controller support would be kinda nice.
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    Are any versions of Sonic 1, 2 or CD available to download for the PS4, Xbox One or Wii U?

    If not, then it would make a lot of sense to release the remastered versions.

    (Maybe even add Past/Bad Future/Good Future stages to Sonic CD's Time Attack mode.)
  6. Sonic CD is on PSN and Xbox Live Arcade (as well as Android/iOS). Sonic 1 and 2 are on Android/iOS only.
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    Taxman's version of Sonic CD, as well as emulated versions of all of the original Mega Drive games are available on all previous generation consoles. None of them are available for any current generation console.
  8. Oops. I should have specified that in my post.
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    Technically Sonic 1 through 3&K are playable on the Wii U, through the Wii's Shop Channel in Wii Mode, but that's such a backwards way of doing it these days and frankly a lot of people don't even realize or remember that's an option. It also requires a Wii Classic Controller which isn't bundled with the hardware. And as we all know those emulations don't hold a candle to the Remastered versions...

    I'm hoping that Sonic Advance being on the JP eShop is just the start of SEGA finally bringing past Sonic titles to the current generation.
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    Have any of you guys in NA been able to play Sonic CD on PS4 via the PlayStation Now subscription? I've looked at the list of PlayStation Now games available, and Sonic CD is among them (along with both Sonic 4 episodes and Generations).


    On a different note, I have a question about the remastered mobile version of Sonic 2:

    In the 2013 mobile version did Stealth and Taxman change any level design from the original Genesis version of Sonic 2? I'm not talking about level design which was altered as a result of the new routes they added in Hill Top Act1 and in Chemical Plant Act2. I just want to know if they changed any normal level design from the original game.

    The only occasion in the mobile version where I've noticed slightly altered level design, is in the hidden high-up route in Chemical Plant act2 which avoids the water.

    I'm talking about the section at 6:46 in this video:


    Here's a screenshot of the original stage design (which I took from the PS3 Backbone port of Sonic 2):


    ...and here's a screenshot of the 2013 mobile version - on my android phone - from the exact same section:


    It looks like this section was changed in the mobile version to allow Sonic to keep moving forward-keep the momentum going, because Sonic would continue moving around the curving ceiling to the right, hit the boost-pad and continue moving fast. Whereas in the Genesis version the circular ceiling arcs to the left (instead of to the right) which throws Sonic back in the direction he came. I'm curious as to why Stealth and Taxman made this change.
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    Probably as a better flow change. I kind of like the change for that reason. The backward curve served little purpose other than to annoy the player once or twice if they're going top speed.
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    It does change the way the player perceives the spot though. In the original game, the ramp going back is a roadblock and the player has to have a slow enough speed to continue on. The item box is just another 10 rings for the player after they get the right speed to make the gap. In the mobile version, the area is no longer a road block, but the player is rewarded 10 rings for bothering to stop and grab it, otherwise they'll just bulldoze past it due to momentum.

    Should have changed it to a 1-up. :v: (then again there's one on top of the loop just before it, I think)
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    That section is a change I don't mind, it caught me off guard the first time as I slowed down to make it.

    It makes the game feel a little fresh with small tweaks like that, I've played through these games hundreds of times.
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    I still don't get the need for that change, to be honest. I don't think people play remakes to have a "fresh" experience, unless it's an "extra game" mode or an easter egg that doesn't alter the gameplay...

    There may be other reasons for the change, though, such as the actual final design documents being like that or something.
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    Speaking of layout changes, do we have a complete list of layout changes and character exclusive pathways?
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    I don't think we do, nope.
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    I mean ya there's no need for that change, but there was no need for, say, the spike pit to be changed either. It's annoying though and it's rather obscure, so I hardly see why it's a bad thing in the end.
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    I don't think so.

    All the changes I can think of are exclusive to Tails, Knuckles and Sonic with Tails assist:

    Chemical Plant Act1: An additional - high up - route towards the end of the stage.
    Chemical Plant Act2: An additional - high up - route towards the end of the stage, which is just passed the section of altered stage design as mentioned in my previous post. I also think Stealth and Taxman included the four or five high-up extra lives boxes which were added for Knuckles in the S&K and Sonic 2 lock-on; Knuckles in Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

    Hill Top zone Act1: You can access a hidden lower route (short cut which has two extra lives among other things) by flying/gliding down the first bottomless pit at the start of the act and then moving to the wall on the right (of the pit) to access the secret route.

    You can also access an additional high up route in HT act1 near the end of the stage by flying above the loop-de-loops, instead of going underground.

    Oil Ocean zone Act 2: There is an additional extra life box high up, right at the start of the stage (placed on an extremely narrow platform).

    Edit: Also, near the end of Aquatic Ruin act2 a platform has been slightly altered to make it easier to collect two 10-rings boxes.

    I think that's all the changes.
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    Finally got hold of the remakes. :D :D :D

    I agree with most comments here. The polish and extras are great, and Hidden Palace is a joy to finally play through. Playing it with a finicky touch pad doesn't give these games nearly enough justice however.
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    -- I'm posting my response in this topic instead of the 3&K topic because it's more appropriate here --

    I like the Brass Eggman boss from Hidden Palace in Sonic 2. It's an interesting design and I enjoyed figuring how to damage it.

    When I first played the HP boss, I immediately noticed the similarities to Hydrocity's boss from Sonic 3. Initially I wondered if you could use the four smaller bombs to damage Eggman much like you can use the height which is generated from the exploding bombs in the Hydrocity Eggman boss to get a few early hits in. However, I never knew that in the HP boss you can use the period when the water rises briefly (once the four small bombs have landed) to damage Eggman. Earlier today I tried to hit Eggman using that trick and I managed to hit him ONCE in about 15 attempts. I thought the idea is to get the timing right. I.e. you need to jump just as the water rises, but no matter what I try it never seems to work. What am I doing wrong? The one time I got it right, Sonic shot straight up in the air and landed on top of Eggman destroying him in seconds (with eight consecutive hits).

    It's not a big deal not being able to get that early attack to work. The boss is straightforward to beat, and like you said you can use Tails or Sonic with Tails assist to damage Eggman, not to mention the main attack (using the large bomb to force Eggman to the ground) allows you to damage him about 4 to 6 hits each time. I appreciate that the early water rising attack has been designed to be very hard to activate so as not to make the boss too easy to beat, but I'd like to know the trick to getting that attack to work more consistently.