Sonic 1 and 2 getting the Sonic CD treatment by Taxman and Stealth

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Mar 27, 2013.

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    I thought you did already.
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    I gave up the crusade but I held faith that it would be ported to Steam like CD was.
    This indicates no one, least of all Sega, cares for this to happen at all, defying all reason. I've given up hope.
  3. TimmiT


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    They're just releasing an Android game on another Android system. I doubt that it takes SEGA/Taxman/Stealth much effort to port it. Hell, they even ported the Android version of Sonic 4 Episode 1, which is the game SEGA advertises the most of the system right now.
  4. Mr Lange

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    Why do you think I'm so confused as to why they haven't done a Steam port yet, let alone targeting phones as a first priority.
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    Because they're combining the releases into one package so they can charge $20 for it. :eng101:
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    Wouldn't this mean that a hypothetical Steam/Xbox/PS port would also lack local multiplayer? =(
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    It all makes sense now. o_o
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    No, because Amazon doesn't have a dedicated multiplayer eco system like Steamworks or Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. So (at least for now, and probably forever) multiplayer in Sonic 2's current iteration is impossible.
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    They haven't don a steam version because of these:
  10. Chris Highwind

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    The only problem is that iOS had their own versions of Sonic 1 and 2 before Taxman and Stealth came along, and that still got the remastered versions.
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    Yeah, there already being versions of a game on a downloadable service has never stopped SEGA from putting up newer versions. Iirc they did the same with some of the Mega Drive games on XBLA when the superior M2 collections came along.
  12. JennyTablina


    I suspect lack of Taxman ports for 1 & 2 might have something to do with one of three options.

    1) they are waiting till Sonic 3's done to sell them as a bundle (already suggested but I think it's a highly feasable option if that's in the wings)

    2) Sega's Mega Drive Collections do better on PC, and Sega don't want to seperate the Sonic titles from those sets or release new versions of 1 & 2 just yet (didn't they only really get around to releasing all the mega drive collection volumes last year?)

    3) considering most hardcore fans have rom hacks that provide a lot of the features readilly available and likely own at least one of the other platforms already, Sega decided it wasn't a priority.

    I mean I love the ports, and I wouldn't mind seeing a PC one, or updating the existing Sonic 1 and 2 steam titles to the Taxman version. But maybe it makes more sense to save those ports to roll out around the time Boom comes out? Throws the classic fans a bone, and means they can use the classics to help push Boom and general awareness of Sonic when the series needs it.

    In any case, the only reason the FireTV gets these ports is because most of the work is already done on the spot surely? It must be easier considering Ouya has never gotten 1 and 2 ported (though I wonder how much is the hardware, or Ouya's own inexperience with setting up a system + lack of a genuine install base, who actually owns an Ouya and still uses it?)
  13. Why are those still on Steam?? I hope SEGA replaces them with the Christian Whitehead updates soon!
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    I'm pretty sure the reasoning behind putting CD up there is because it wasn't there already. Pardon me if I'm wrong.
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    CD was the stop gap between the Sonic 4 episodes. Plus since the Retro Engine ports don't really add much of anything new that non-hardcore Sonic fans would care about, what they got out there now already makes money, plus theres all these other licenses, fees and what not they'd have to go through with Microsoft and Sony. I will say, I'm a little surprised their Android ports haven't hit PlayStation Mobile. That way not only would it be on their Sony tablets, but the Vita as well.

    They'd be better off re purposing these games somehow for PS4, One and Wii U moreso than the current consoles. I'd really like to play Sonic CD on my Wii U GamePad.

    I like how when I reported the news on Retro, someone thought that the Retro Engine Sonic 3 port was announced. Tee hee.
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    Maybe they're working with Microsoft on creating a Universal Windows version? It's a new thing they just announced a couple of days ago; apps that run on Win8 (desktop and tablet), Windows Phone, and Xbone. Perhaps they're going to use Sonic 1 & 2 as a demo? :O
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    Oh please no.
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    I thought the answer was that Sega just doesn't give a shit. I assume they would be more enthusiastic in giving these remasters more exposure had their latest half-baked attempt at a Genesis game not been released to massive indifference. :v:/>
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    I think Yeow has pretty much hit the nail on the head. If Sega isn't getting these ported to consoles, then I wish they'd just say so already and quit jerking us around.
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    Sega isn't "jerking us around". They just haven't said anything. If they'd teased something, THEN it'd be them jerking us around.

    Y'all do realize (most of) the anger in this thread is entirely self-generated, right?