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Sonic 1 8bit Overloaded Demo is Out

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by JaumVitor, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. (sorry for my bad english, im brazilian)

    Hi guys, I'm developing a Sonic Fan Game, inspired by Sonic NES Improvement Hack, but with all sonic 1 genesis zones
    and 2 extras zones from Sonic 1 SMS, this is called "Sonic the Hedgehog 8 bit Overloaded", because, exceeds the NES limits

    List of all Zones:
    -Green Hill
    *In the future:
    -Spring Yard
    -Star Light
    -Scrap Brain (act 1 and 2)
    -Sky Base (Replacing the Scrap Brain act 3, I dont like the act 3)
    -Final Zone
    -Special Stage

    --Original Sprites ripped from Sonic NES Improvement Hack (original sprites created by Jabu) by:
    *Geotracks (Motobug, Somari Style sprite)
    *Me (Art and modification in the colors of sprites)

    *Me too
    -- Using Sonic 360 Phyiscs Code created by SingleShotGamer

    *Ripped from Sonic NES Hack, music created by Amilgi
    *Yuzoboy - Jungle and Bridge NES remix
    *Bayusumardi - Sky Base Theme
    *AutoMusic - Sonic 1 SMS Special Stage NES remix

    Download Link:

    Gameplay Preview




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  2. Mega Sparkmaster

    Mega Sparkmaster

    I like this style, it's like a mix between NES and Master System, with some elements of the 16-bit games.
  3. thanks man, yes, I mix all, and it was..... beautiful, more than i imagined heheeheh
  4. Mega Sparkmaster

    Mega Sparkmaster

    Yes, it's really amazing. Also, those 8-bit sprites are giving me some Pocket Adventure vibes...
  5. Oh really? I didn’t expect it to pass the Sonic Pocket Adventure vibe hehehe

  6. *A warning*

    If you downloaded the demo, and the game crashed when the rings dropped in GHZ Act 2, I just posted a patch to correct this bug.

    I'm sorry for the problem, and I didn't have much time to test the game before releasing
  7. Hey guys, I just released another demo, the link is in the main post