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Sonic 1 (2013 - iOS/Android) Post-Release Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Skaarg, May 17, 2013.

  1. Skaarg


    Figure the thread was helpful for when Sonic CD (2011) was released, and this might be a nice way to organize bugs, fixes, etc. for Sonic 1 and/or when Sonic 2 is released, and leave the other thread to reviews and general discussion.

    For my bugs I'm going off the Android version and I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with a mostly stock ROM.

    • High Hardware Usage? - Phone gets extremely hot when playing. Did not experience with Sonic CD or with 99% of other games I've played.
    • Static sound plays after spring sound.

    • When spindashing under one crusher in MZ to quickly get under it I always get crushed by the the one after it unlike in the original game. Can this be tweaked a bit?

    I've only played GHZ and MZ, but will update this post if I come across some more.
  2. ICEknight


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    I've just watched some footage of Green Hill and it seemed like the noise made by the crumbling ledges was more quiet than usual.

    Also, somebody mentioned the left and right facing ledges shouldn't be sharing graphics because they have slightly different shading, something that I admit I had never noticed before.
  3. Sparks


    Sondro Gomez / Kyle & Lucy
    On the top of my memory from the first playthough:

    - Sound bug where the Act End music kept looping the second half, not sure what triggered it.
    - The sloped edges in Spring Yard Zone are more sensitive now, leading to Sonic being flung around the area a few times.
    - The shortcut in Scrap Brain Act 3 seems harder to do now, since Sonic doesn't clip as much into the roof tiles.
    - Light Hazard from Final Zone is solid, which can crush the player in certain scenarios. I don't recall it being solid in the original game.
  4. ashthedragon


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    An option to regulate controller sensitivity would come really handy.
  5. DustArma


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    copy pasting from the other thread.

    So, the game shows up as compatible for my device (Xperia X10 Mini), but it's unstable as hell, it crashes very often without a pattern or even a force close message, it just drops me back to the homescreen.

    It's rooted, running MiniCM7 (CyanogenMOD 7 for the X10 Mini) on kernel

    Sonic CD runs perfectly on this so I don't know what the hell :(
  6. Metalsonicmk72


    Springs have odd collision, hitting the ones hidden in GHZ's palmtrees from the side will send you directly up into buzzbomber territory.

    Not sure why, but the rolling just feels... off, like you're not gaining much momentum going downhill in some places (not Sonic 4: Episode 1 or Generations level of bad, but it's noticeable).
  7. ICEknight


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    That's possibly just an optical illusion due to the widescreen mode. Or are you using a non-widescreen device?
  8. Kampfer


    The only notable things I experienced through my play through was in the special stages. The first bug I encountered was that if you are a cheating bastard like me and hit restart after hitting a "Goal" but before getting kicked to the emeralds scorecard screen, when you restart the special stage there is no rotation until you hit a "Down" sphere.

    The other bug in the special stages I noticed was that sometimes Sonic can zip through the breakable gems surrounding the Chaos Emeralds, making the end of the stage easier.
  9. Aerosol


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    I'll just say it again. Add an option for a little vibration when I'm pressing the D-pad in different directions. Pleeease. It'll make getting used to the touchscreen controls a LOT easier.
  10. Dan Lioneye

    Dan Lioneye

    I actually thought that a little more momentum is gained when rolling. :v:

    In fact, I'm sure it must be the case because I can seem to get more speed from rolling through the first loop in GHZ 1.
  11. Rika Chou

    Rika Chou

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    The special stages (while they look very very nice) feel kinda off. It feels like the bumpers are too strong and Sonic falls downward too fast.
  12. Cinossu


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    Something I noticed, when bouncing off of enemies, you always rebound upwards; in places where I'd expect to go straight through them (such as nicking the bottom corner of them) as in the original, this doesn't happen. While this is more of a pain for the time attacking, it's something I could very easily get used to; it's just a bug as it didn't happen in the original. :P

    Also, I know the GHZ boss jump-through-at-the-beginning thing will be mentioned sooner or later, so I will before a huge thing becomes of it. :P I know you guys wanted to show off your amazing ball(s), but it definitely slows the entire thing down. Mayhaps make it only do that in the actual game, but in time attack allow hits during the setup phase? I dunno how to handle this one..

    (Also I am going to be the annoying one and mention how the emerald colours on the save screen don't match the game properly. :U Sorry, but something like that makes an eye twitch on perfectionist in me.)

    Either way, despite the obvious nitpicking that'll happen in here because lol Retro, everything is amazing. Very much a job hugely well done.
  13. Vendettagainst


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    When you first go into MZ1 and you get to the first set of crushers, right before the puzzle block, I keep falling into the floor.
  14. Rush


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    whoops, wrong thread, please ignore
  15. RetroKoH


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    One thing I've noticed is that when starting over in a Special Stage (Pause > Restart) the rotation picks up where it left off when you paused it. ie this variable in RAM is NOT cleared when the player restarts, and one could take advantage of this and land themselves in a better position to get a Special Stage completed easier and/or quicker. I did this myself and nabbed a decent 14 second time on one stage.

    Also the aforementioned bug of moving too quickly in Special Stages at times, my guess is it has to do with hitting the blocks, and Sonic spinning quickly. If Sonic is spinning progressively faster on top of a block, and rolls off of it, he usually zips downward at a faster rate... My best guess is that his momentum is picking up when it shouldn't be (That is, when the player pushes left or right to try to move off of a block)... and this causes his speed when he falls off the block to be MUCH faster than it should be. (I dunno how exactly the Special Stage physics work but I think this is causing the issue.)

    Knuckles cannot do the Glide bounce trick as well. I tried it on a monitor... was hoping to be sent sailing... no such luck. Hope to see this fixed.

    On a final note (NOT a bug) - Love the feature of being able to make Tails fly when Sonic & Tails. Just hold up when tapping jump, and make sure Sonic lands with Tails... I'm going to implement this in Sonic 2 & 3 REV C for sure...

    EDIT: Suggestions - Change that ugly ass Knuckles title screen sprite... it just doesn't match Sonic or Tails' title screen graphics. AND please make Knuckles + Tails a possiblity to play as.
  16. Aesculapius Piranha

    Aesculapius Piranha

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    Bug (Android Samsung Galaxy S2): Marble Zone Act 1: When playing as Sonic + Tails, the block you are supposed to push to raise the platform with spikes on the bottom to advance spawned underneath the platform. Walking back a bit and coming back respawned it in the correct place. I guess it would make sense to use Tails as that block if there were a second controller to pick up, but since this is a phone I'm counting this as a bug.

    I'm curious if anyone else has encountered this?
  17. Retro_Stew


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  18. Aesculapius Piranha

    Aesculapius Piranha

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    Edit 2: Well, good(bad?) to know I'm not the only one. XD

    Because it's such an easy fix, it's more funny than game breaking but I imagine that confusing newbies.
  19. Diablohead


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    I beat the game with knuckles today, but in the credits cut scene where the character is sucked down the underwater passage onto the grab bars, knuckles will let go and die on spikes, repeating the scene until you force quit the app. My save still says knuckles on final zone so no idea if it classed as beating the game with him or not.

    If you keep bouncing on enemies or monitors you will slowly lose bounce height over time, this doesn't happen in the original. Good example is starlight zone act 1, drill through the wall to the 4 hidden monitors, you can never bounce combo enough to get back out and have to use a spring.
  20. The Taxman

    The Taxman

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    Yeah, this was already fixed with the Android release, iOS will be fixed soon.

    I think people are getting confused here. The bouncing works in Sonic games like this:

    - Y Velocity is flipped on colliding for the bounce, but if you jump and let go of the button the jump height cap will affect the bounce height. Rolling into the air will also avoid the jump height cap.