Sonic 1, 2, and CD Remake Decompilation

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    Fantastic, hopefully 2 gets the same treatment.
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    Hey, figured I'd ask here. I have the decompilation on my PC, but for some reason I get weird stutters here and there for no reason. I obviously know my computer can run it easily. Is there some background thing that could be messing with it? Or did something mess up when it got recompiled to my PC. If needed, I'll post what the folder for both looks like.

    EDIT: I was running off the initial exe from like January. I'll try this new one and if I get the same problem, I'll report back. My bad.
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    While I don't think the Mania Tails sprite looks like "shit", it is incongruous with the rest of the original game's artwork. I also don't like all the Sonic the Hedgehog Forever branding, and eye shines added to Sonic's eyes everywhere. This clashes with the original art style of the first game. Also not a huge fan of the new sprites inserted into the menus and so forth. Hoping it grows into something a little more refined.
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    100 percent agree. I should have been more specific, I didn't mean Manias sprites were shit. I meant those edited ones to look like classic sprites do. You said it way better than I did.
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    I just grabbed all three of these today and played through Sonic 1 and 2 as Sonic.

    On Sonic CD I'm having issues with fullscreen where I just get about a 1/3rd size screen in the bottom left corner. I tried playing around with the config settings but can only stretch the width, not the height. If i try switching the window size to 3, it gets bigger but then the bottom half of the game is below the bottom of the screen where you cant see it. Size 4 just gave me a black screen, and size 1 was tiny. So I really dont know what to do other than play it windowed at size 2 with no stretching.

    With Sonic 1 and 2 it was different. I just changed fullscreen to true and the size was perfect.
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    Any possibility of a PlayStation Classic port? I heard there was a Genesis Mini port and these games would be perfect for the modded PSCs I'm getting my nieces and nephews as a (late) Christmas present.