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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Heran Bago, Apr 1, 2006.

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  2. Hm.

    That warning came a bit late, considering you already downloaded the page.
  3. Okay, Heran I forgot the .cue for the 3 in 1 collection.
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    May want to add this to the .rar
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    Quick question. Where is Sonar? I tried to go on today and I apparently got a 404 error. (If that is what the "Oh Shit, what the fuck did you do" page is.)
  5. Heran Bago

    Heran Bago

    Ah! It's Puyo battle then. Tech Member takes me to a SA GTA:SA guild thing. Qjimbo is not on aim but I must speak with him of these goings-ons.
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    I recently upgraded the server to Win03, and had a misconfigured vhost, sorry!

    Also might need you to help reupload some roms as I couldn't backup the whole archive.
  7. Heran Bago

    Heran Bago

    Ah! It's Puyo battle then. Tech Member
    I'm going to have to make a new user/pass and set sftp back up and ugh I'll do it tomorrow. We will talk. =P
  8. First off, your site was the bomb until it broke. :thumbsup:

    On your page you had the following files:
    All GG Sonic ROMs.rar
    All GoodGen Sonic ROMs.7z
    All SMS Sonic ROMs.rar

    These must have taken some effort to be put together, by whoever made them. However, with the release of the drx Feb. 23 protos and seeing that some files were missing and some did not belong, I decided to revise them.

    I made a little changelog for myself to keep track. In it, I did not include the names of the drx Feb. 23 protos. That would be too long. But for all the games that were originally included, and the ones I added, the protos were added, retaining their branding of I also fixed the naming conventions so that they all sorted properly, in order.

    I merged together the GG and SMS sets because the are practically the same system (save for a few things) and they would compress well.

    I will upload them in a few days when I get to a high-speed connection and so changes can be made.

    Here's my changelog (not including drx Feb. 23 protos):

    Genesis/Mega Drive

    Sonic 3 Delta v0.1
    Sonic 3 Delta v0.1a

    Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (W) (Nick Arcade Beta)
    Sonic 3D Blast (U) (E3 Demo)
    Puyo Puyo 2 (J) (REV 00)
    Puyo Puyo 2 (J) (REV 01) [!]
    Ristar (UE) [!]
    Ristar (UE) [h1C]
    Ristar - The Shooting Star (J) [!]
    Sonic The Hedgehog (W) (REV00) [f1]
    Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (W) (REV01) [b4][f1]
    Sonic and Knuckles (W) [f1]
    Sonic and Knuckles & Sonic 2 (W) [f3]
    Sonic and Knuckles & Sonic 3 (W) [f2+4C]

    Game Gear

    Tails' Adventure (U) [!]
    Tails' Adventure (U) [b1]
    Tails' Sky Patrol (J) [!]
    Tails' Sky Patrol (J) [T-Port]/[T-Bra]
    Sonic & Tails (J) [t1]
    Sonic Labyrinth (U) [b1]
    Sonic Labyrinth (U) [b2]
    Puzlow Kids (J) (Puyo Puyo)
    Puyo Puyo 2 (J) [!]

    Sega Master System

    Sonic Chaos (UE) [b1]

    Here are the file sizes for a comparison:


    MD - 301 MB (315,984,830 bytes)
    GG - 8.91 MB (9,345,100 bytes)
    SMS - 3.50 MB (3,670,016 bytes)

    MD - 13.4 MB (14,132,851 bytes)
    GG - 3.87 MB (4,066,573 bytes)
    SMS - 1.48 MB (1,558,413 bytes)


    MD - 443 MB (465,208,778 bytes)
    GG-SMS - 37.4 MB (39,247,148 bytes)

    MD - 20.9 MB (21,957,627 bytes)
    GG-SMS - 3.47 MB (3,646,860 bytes)

    Also, the two drx Saturn protos and the X-Treme demo should be uploaded as well, if they aren't already.

    Future plans:
    If I get a hold of the disc ones (SCD, Saturn, PC), I might do those if the file size doesn't get too high.
    A GBA set.
    A Pico one once all the final versions of Gameworld and Music Maker are dumped.
    Do you have any plans of uploading the Dreamcast games? (SA1, SA2, Shuffle, Sega Smash Pack Vol. 1)
  9. Heran Bago

    Heran Bago

    Ah! It's Puyo battle then. Tech Member
    First of all, SonAR's back up!

    Second, thanks for that list Hendricks! It's really going to help me as I update the site in this upcoming month. SonAR is terribly outdated. I've generally avoided newer games (Sonic Rush, Rivals, Adventures, Heroes) but who knows what I'll do after I get the rests of the site up to speed.

    Third, thanks Qjimbo! You are a man, if not the man.
  10. I'm not done with it yet. My changelog has been added to, with Phantasy Star and other stuff. I'll upload the sets once they're done.
  11. Mad Echidna

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    These broken links are making me flaccid. I want to download Sonic CD damn it!~
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    Links should be fixed now, there was some confusion over the folder structure.
  13. muteKi


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    Still no SCD J bin/cue, though...
  14. Phos


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    I notice you don't have Sonic Rivals 2 listed, I have an iso of that. Do you need it?

    E: And most of the links are still broken
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    Heran, I can upload a copy of Sonic 3D Flickies Island(Xploder version though)
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    Yeah I think heran thought it was all there when in fact it was only a partial backup. I'll nag him later.
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    Hey, if your missing the Saturn version of Sonic 3D blast, I have that as well.
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    I burnt a copy of Sonic R and I can probably rip it. It was Bin/Cue anyway, so it should check out.
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    I'm also unable to get at the BIN+CUE Sonic CD RARs. They appear to be missing completely, which sucks, as I'd planned to use those to solve my music issue.