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Some of you have forgotten the rules. Let's review!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Scarred Sun, Jun 15, 2009.

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    Welp, this.
    OK, there's been a good deal of fucktardery going around over the past few weeks over various issues, so I'd like to take the time to remind you all of our policies. In addition, to combat this inability to follow rules, there are some new procedures for staff and members alike! Congratulations!

    So, let's review our favorite topic!

    7. No backseat modding.

    Getting told how to run this board is getting really old, and several of you have taken it upon yourself to jump into threads and act like you have some authority that you do not have. Unless your member title says "Administrator" or "Moderator", you hold no authority to moderate a thread. If you violate this rule and backseat mod, you will receive an automatic 24-hour suspension. Multiple violations will stack—I.e., if you've done it two or three times before a staff member sees it, you get 2-3 days. Don't fucking do it.

    Over the next few weeks we'll be rolling out a report system—hopefully one nicer than the IPB default. If you see something that you feel needs attention, use it—and you'll be forced to justify it. Abuse this feature and expect retribution.

    12. No bullshitting.

    This rule does not apply solely to research—this goes across the board. If you take a position, especially a controversial one, you need to defend it. If you are going to bring charges against another person to me or anyone else on staff, we need more than "THIS PERSON IS BEING MEAN TO ME WAAAA." I would think this would be common sense, but apparently not!

    5. Show respect to fellow members. Don't be a dick.

    This seems to be getting understood at the moment—there is a difference between flaming someone's position or work or whatever and flaming someone for the sake of hitting below the belt. So let's recognize the distinction: it is one thing to yell at someone for saying that Tails is a faggot and another to yell at someone that they're a faggot. We all see the difference, yes? Don't attack people personally on Sonic Retro.

    Which brings me to an important point some of you have also forgotten.

    Things Sonic Retro staff has jurisdiction over: Sonic Retro, BadnikNET
    Things Sonic Retro staff does not have jurisdiction over: THE REST OF THE FUCKING INTERNET

    If you get into it with someone on another medium and piss them off there, that's really not my problem. The only problem I have is when you spew bullshit on these forums or on the IRC. Neither I nor anyone else on staff is going to sort out personal disputes between people, especially if they do not originate on these boards. Suck it the fuck up and sort out problems like adults.

    Additionally, there has been a growing mob campaign against several different members (for wildly different reasons, amusingly enough), and I'd like to remind you that just as in the past, we will not tolerate mob mentality against any member. We have defended people against this in the past and will do so again. This is the lowest form of bandwagoning.

    Some additional things I'd like to cover:

    - Joke ops on #retro are now prohibited and anyone who gives them away will have their power removed. If you wish to add someone to a *OP list (excluding VOP), this person needs to be approved.
    - The official position of Sonic Retro is not to hold bias in our decisions, even if we do not personally agree with something or someone. Please stop assuming otherwise; it's getting old.
    - If you cannot handle trolling behavior, do not engage in it.
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    So do actions that take place on the IRC and boards restrict the consequences to only the IRC or boards now like it's always been, or can you get punished for your actions in one by getting banned in the other now? It could just be me, but it seemed like this was implying the latter.
  3. What, a report button that you'll have to justify when you hit it?

    Fuck that, I'm NEVER touching it
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    Nothing wrong with providing context.

    I can report that post just because I hate you and not provide the context as to why it is worth bothering to take a look.
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    I can see there was a misunderstanding here(banning for a week based on a misunderstanding is still an assholish thing to do), that much I could almost apologise for, but the way these rules are worded makes you sound like a massive CultFag/Internet Tough Guy and the way some of them are stated makes it easier rather than harder for the x64 bullshit to happen again, which by the way you did nothing satisfactory about since you're both terrible admins. It's still an absolute disgrace what happened and the fact that I'm the only one who ended up knocked off for a week makes it all the more shameful. I don't believe you have any shame any more.
  6. Chimpo


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    Would you get off your high horse. Trolls are suspended and corrected on the forums or IRC respectively, there is no favoritism, tolerance but not favorites. I'm a shining example. I step out of line in the forums, I get a week ban. Fuck, my last one lasted a month.

    Your issue occurred outside the forums and IRC. If the administrators took action for what happened outside their regulation, they would be playing favorites with you, especially since you're the instigator. Stop parading around like you're on a crusade against a terrible administration and spouting bullshit, you're only causing outside unneeded drama with this crap that nobody buys.

    The way the rules are worded are fine. You just choose to take personal issue with the matter because you violated them. Of course they would god damn apply to you.
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    Oh, hey, is this shit still going on?

    That sucks.
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    I didn't know things had been going bad here. Damn, people need to chill out for sure.

    Still, good to see the rules are being justifiably enforced. The new report system sounds like a mint idea - looking forward to that!