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Somari: The Genesis Remaster

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by OssieTheOstrich, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. OssieTheOstrich


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    So, I'm back at it again with another Sonic related project, only now it's not technically Sonic.

    Somari The Genesis Remaster is a remake of Somari, which is a bootleg/port of Sonic the Hedgehog to the NES.

    Now I do know that there is a ROM hack of Sonic 1 which is called Somari the Adventurer by Lone Devil, as well as a remake of the NES original called Somari Blast 5, but there hasn't been a total remake of Somari made to be like the original Sonic 1, so this is where this fangame comes in.

    The music was made by Lu9, while the sprites were made by Neweege. (I did make my own animations for Mario/Somari, however.)

    And before you ask, no this isn't that Mario fangame I was talking about when I cancelled my older Sonic project. If you are curious as to what it is, here is the link (NOTE: The link redirects you to the Mario Fan Games Galaxy, and please look at the most recent pages as the older ones are quite outdated.)
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    That's good. I hope you continue this interesting ROM hack and I hope you complete it into something amazing.
  3. OssieTheOstrich


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    You might be shocked (or not) to here this, but it ain't a ROM hack.

    It's all been reworked from the ground up.
  4. OssieTheOstrich


    "Gone fishing", as they say Member
    Some more progress.

    Also here is something I forgot to show in the video:
  5. Rudie Radio Waves

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    Many a game.
    Neat! Are you still using Construct?