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So, you want to start hacking Sonic?

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Jayextee, May 28, 2008.

  1. LightXIII


    Ah my last post as a trial member, I might as well go out with a BANG! So here goes! Ok I followed the guide to the letter but I am only getting a black blank screen. I'll explain. I open SonED2 and go through the disassembly called "project" and I pick the level I want to edit. I choose Green Hill Zone 2 (Because I read that SonED2 doesn't do to well with Green Hill Zone 1) and I get a black blank screen within the SonED window. The SonED Status window says "so and so bin not found, creating blank template." However the examples show up and I can move the objects placed their. But loading any of the levels from the "Project" folder just gives me blanks. What am I doing wrong? As a newbie's last wish, somebody shine some light on my problem. Thanks.
  2. MainMemory


    Kate the Wolf Tech Member
    The project files for the old disassembly require modification to edit Green Hill Zone properly. SonLVL can edit it with no problem, but a lot of objects will show up as "?" icons.
  3. LightXIII


    This is my last post, sigh. Your S2LVL doesn't work, My computer keeps telling me that "S2LVL has stopped working" every time I try to run it. I clicked on every link on your post about it and I can't get anything to work. Now I got a SonED program and this program and I've got no where. I'm NOT blaming you, I just been at this for several hours now and I'm frustrated. All I want to do is hack a Sonic game, give Sonic a spin dash add a loop to green hill zone and I've got nothing. SIGH (Not your fault, sir it's just I need step by step help and the guides don't do that)
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    I would also recommend as hex editors go FRHed - free, simple, easy to use.