So where did the Spin Dash go?

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    Now that Sonic has found a seemingly comfortable place in terms of game play, why is there still no way of using the spin dash? It was always such a recognizable move from the very beginning (being forced into it in many tunnels throughout the Genesis era may have done that) but when it is implemented in modern games, it's buggy (Adventure, Heroes) or it's cosmetic (Generations).

    But what I think is really irritating is that Sonic now has a "Slide" move, something that could easily have been the spin dash, though it still would have been useless due to its slow down and rough handling. There shouldn't be a move that is just a barely used graphic change and the only way to get you through a speed breaking segment of a level (looking at you, Generation's Chemical Plant Act 2), especially when there is a severe need for a ground based attack that maintains speed while defeating enemies. And if I'm not mistaken, that was its purpose in the first place. I know that it would be hard to implement the move in the same way in a 3D plane as a 2D plane, but that doesn't mean it has. The move could just cause Sonic to spin for a short burst, ala the spin from Mario Galaxy, or something to a similar extent.

    It just seems like such a waste that a move with so much potential is ignored, and instead a bland, boring slide takes its place with the sole purpose of ruining the feeling of speed.
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    It's been replaced with the boost, not the slide.
  3. No, but what I think he's saying is where is the ROLL.

    That, I would like to know too. It would help keep speed instead of destroy it, especially in those sliding sections. Isn't that what Sonic is supposed to do anyway? Keep speed and keep moving?
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    Slide removes so little speed and you gain it all back the moment you tap X again that who gives a shit? He talked about a ground based attack that defeats enemies and maintains speed, that is the boost. Spin dash is utterly redundant in modern Sonic.
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    Personally, I think it would be cool if they moved boosting to R2 and put the spindash back to the square button. It would certainly open up some additional potential on what can be done in game while not losing anything from Generations styled gameplay.
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    Jack shit.
    BOOST IS YOUR GOD NOW. Or you could play Sonic 4.
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    I'd love a spin dash as anyone else would... lets hope Iizuka decides to have it back in the new "Sonic". He did talk about making an all new Modern Sonic. We will see...
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    Into the drifting mechanic, IIRC.
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    What? I'm right here :D

    And yeah, the boost pretty much did replace the spin dash. To be honest, I think Generations sealed it pretty good with cementing Boost for Modern and Spin Dash for Classic.
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    While the boost is fine replacing the spindash, sliding has no reason to exist. He fucking rolls. Let him roll.
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    It would be like if they replaced the jump in Mario with some kind of hover. Sure it could replace it, but why the fuck would you?

    The spindash and roll were the cornerstones to Sonic's velocity control. Boost to gain speed instantly works, but it's not required when we already have a spindash or rolling down a hill...
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    It is where ever the quality is.
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    The spindash isn't really redundant at all, actually. Let's say you were at the base of a steep hill and needed to get up. 'Oh well I'll just tap X here and-' OH NO I'm out of boost juice.

    And Sonic Team decided that particular hill didn't require a boost panel like so many others. (In the extremely unlikely event, yeah yeah.) wat do? And what if I didn't want to boost at a million miles an hour every time I needed a little extra oomph? The spin dash would allow me to be more precise about it, so I wouldn't overshoot my target.

    So yeah, while it's true it's not needed THAT badly, I fail to see why including it again would negatively impact the gameplay at all.

    Also rolling needs to come back please. Sliding is gay as hell and adds almost nothing to the gameplay other than getting the player to hit something besides X. I think we can all agree on that much.
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    Not really. I like sliding, but I'm not against replacing it. They could always just combine drifting with sliding.
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    It was thrown out with the rolling, the physics, the bathwater and the baby. And the quality, of course.

    There are about three or four topics appropriate for discussing this, barring the ones that were locked!
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    As fun as rolling is, I can never imagine it working well in 3D.
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  18. Rolling wasn't that bad in Sonic Adventure, was it? It is one of Sonic's signature moves, and I definitely miss it.
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    Sonic Adventure. Super Monkey Ball. Neverball. Kororinpa. Any number of 3D games all about about rolling balls down hills, which have been around since the fifth generation of consoles at the latest. Why the hell wouldn't it work?
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    I would love to see it return. In order to make it relevant, boost would have to be gimped a bit. Make boost something that's only attainable when you've hit Sonic's natural highest speed like in Sonic Advance 2, except make it activated by a button instead of automatic.

    As for rolling, just map it to the slide button, tap once roll, tap twice slide, press b when in a roll or crouch to rev it up.