So, what's next guys?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MykonosFan, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. Hybrid Project Alpha

    Hybrid Project Alpha

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    Sonic Has A Chat With A Mormon Child
  2. Blue Emerald

    Blue Emerald

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    I'm surprised no one has said this yet:

    Sonic and the Argonauts

    I can see it now: Sonic is mysteriously whisked away to ancient Greece by the goddess Athena (a.k.a. Tikal) to join the Argonauts (Sonic's friends' ancestors, again) in a fight against dark chaos creatures of the Underworld. Sonic's newest gimmick: a magic shield that you can use as a boomerang, and it gains new abilities from power-ups Sonic finds throughout the game (which would be SEGA's way of bringing back the Sonic 3 shields). His shield also becomes a surfboard, which you can use (by either steering the Wii Remote sideways or using the Balance Board) to surf across water or to slide down mountains to escape avalanches.

    I can see SEGA doing this right now, and I will laugh so hard if I'm right about all of this.
  3. Hybrid Project Alpha

    Hybrid Project Alpha

    It's what's for dinner Oldbie
    Douglas, NB
    Getting a life
    And then at the end he gets crushed by a boat
  4. BlackHole


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    Sprites for Cybernetic Outbreak
    Kinda late, aren't you?
  5. Blue Emerald

    Blue Emerald

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    Didn't see it at first. :colbert: Sorry about that, Shadix.
  6. Blanche Hodapp

    Blanche Hodapp

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    I would not like to hear "Expelliarmus!" shouted in an American accent.

    I'm serious.
  7. RedStripedShoes


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    *notices UK flag in profile*

    You wouldn't, I would.

    Edit: But not from the 4Kids voice actors.
  8. RandomAvatarFan


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    Guys beat me to the punch, Sonic in Harry Potter would have been perfect!

    What about (me going all anime nerdy) Sonic and the battle of Hueco Mundo. Sonic (Ichigo) could go all Bankai on Aizen played as Eggman, and Amy would have been kidnapped (wait no....that's been done.) But I can see Knuckles being Renji and Shadow being Uliquoirra (sp?)

    And though I would die a painful death to see it, "Sonic and The Midnight Sun." Maybe it could get more people to start playing Sonic, but at the same time it would lose even more.
  9. Sonic in the lost city of Atlantis? Sonic in the 3 musketeers? Sonic in a fractured fairy tale type story?
  10. The Pulse

    The Pulse

    Sonic and the Tragic Ones. Sonic is sent back in time to Early 19th-century France, where he meets with a character resembling Cream, who had wished for someone to help her escape from her abusive guardians, the Robotniks. The cruel inkeeper refuses to give up the girl, but is legally forced into it by a Shadow-esque character with papers allowing him to take the child. Sonic gets flung 10 years later, where War has broken out, and Sonic meets up with an older-Tails-esque figure who is in love with an older version of "Cream". Shit happens, Robotnik comes back to try and kill Shadow, The gun commander turns out to be some inspector in a top-hat chasing Shadow, Tails tries to commit indirect-suicide by fighting in a barricade, Shadow and Sonic save him, Shadow reveals he used to be a convict, but has spent his life trying to be an honest man, they go through the sewers, Robotnik comes back once more and unknowingly helps his arch enemy, The GUN commander kills himself when Shadow spares him because he can't handle a criminal being a better person than he is, Tails gets better, Tails and Cream get married, and Shadow reveals his past to the two, causing Tails to shun him, but then not shun him when Robotnik inadvertently reveals all the good Shadow had done, Sonic feels bored cause he didn't get a final boss, but then Shadow gets deathly Ill and Sonic has the best day ever because he gets to shrink down into Shadow's throat and destroy Tuberculosis.

    First person to get it wins.
  11. Sonic and the Giver. Sonic wakes up one day to find himself living in a dystopian, monochrome town. Everyone is assigned jobs to do, which will take advantage of the Wiimote, and Omochao announces all sorts of things over the ubiquitous intercom system. Sonic spends the first couple of stages in "school" preparatory jobs, meeting his family (sister Cream, mother Blaze, father Shadow) and friends (Knuckles and Amy). Sonic eventually works his way out of the graduating class to realize he hasn't been assigned a permanent job - he's instead been appointed the job of the Receiver, the one who possesses all knowledge to guide the community. He has to "receive" this knowledge from the previous Receiver (played by Eggman), who is now known as the Giver.

    Meanwhile, Shadow, a childcare worker, has brought back a small child to raise due to his inability to sleep in his normal incubation center (played by Tails). Sonic starts to have erotic dreams about Amy that he can't comprehend, which Blaze and Shadow solve by giving him pills to prevent these feelings from happening. Sonic starts his training under the Giver - the Giver passes memories of times long past to Sonic (a good opportunity for crazier, tangentially-related levels than ever!). Sonic realizes that he can see the color red, despite the fact that everyone else can only see in greyscale.

    Eventually Sonic escapes with the young Tails once he realizes that things are screwed up. He almost dies in the cold before meeting a city of people singing.
  12. RedStripedShoes


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    This is, by far, the STUPIDEST concept posted here.

    I think Sonic Team has their next game.
  13. Encourages Sonic/Tails nurturing scenes! Also note that Vanilla isn't Cream's mom - explicitly because in The Giver, your genetic mother and mother who raises you are totally different.

    (If you don't get it, shame on you.)
  14. The Moogs

    The Moogs

    Only you mendinso, srsly.

    But, Sonicspotting, follow sonic around the UK with his pals Begbie (knuckles), Tommy (tails), Sick Boy (Shadow), and Spud (Jet), as they all experiment with drugs and the lifestyles they cause.

    (also I totally got the reference to the giver, nice work there, ASHER SAID HE WAS GONNA KILL ME!), explain THAT sega!
  15. Sonic Warrior TJ

    Sonic Warrior TJ

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    Sonic and the Green Mile.
  16. JoseTB


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    Sonic the hedgehog in an actually good game =P

    Not happening, but eh.
  17. LordOfSquad


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    Sonic in Watchmen!

    Sonic Dreiberg, also known as "Nite Hog", is a down on his luck retired costumed hero who is forced to spring back into action when Tails "Ozymilesdias" Veidt murders Ivo "Comeggdian" Blake as part of a conspiracy. In the meantime, Knuckles "Rarghschach" Kovacs is working to uncover the conspiracy, Amy "Rose Specter" Jupiter has relationship issues, and Shadow Manhattan is trying to find purpose and meaning in life.

    You guys, I think this could really work! =P
  18. The Shad

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    I'm gonna slit your fucking throat. I'm gonna rip your fucking heart out and shove down your god damn throat so I can rip it back out of your already gaping neck wound. After that, I'm gonna dice you up into little fucking pieces and make them into christmas ornaments so I can send them to your relatives every year so that they know you were ripped from this world because you came up with the idea of putting a failing video game character into a book that filled me with so much rage that had I not get arrested for arson, I would've torched every copy of that book on the schools front lawn.
  19. muteKi


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    Hah, I was thinking about this book just a few days ago but I could not think of the name. Having seen the name I failed to associate it with that.
    I forget under what context I was thinking about it, but it's rather surprising in any case that such a thing happened.

    FUCKING FUND IT. Utterly Brilliant. Also might just shut up the shippers once and for all :P
  20. Lobotomy


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    I'd want to see Sonic in the Odyssey, personally. I loved the story, and Sonic in it would make it even better.
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