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    ARM has existed for decades, but that doesn't mean that Wipeout got a release on the Archimedes.
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    Sorry, an ARM variation will be available in due time. I'd like to look at supporting other British electronic devices and architectures too. I might look into providing a download for the Colossus Mark I, though I need to hole punch the program onto tape first, provided I can arrange the correct wheel settings, a Bombe version may be viable, though I may need help from a few of our lovely Polish members first~

    ...I'm sorry, I'm just being facetious. I have no plans on supporting specific architectures. It works on the standard intel architecture which handles Intel and AMD processes alike, and only for the Windows platform. If there is a demand, I might support other operating systems, MAC/Linux, I donno. I'd really need to be pushed into it though, the tool simply does not have enough demand to justify it I'm afraid.

    On a side note though, I would like to share this:

    I am actually very surprised! DOOM was one of the very last games I would've expected to work well with the tool, but quite the opposite in fact! I am rather please they've taken the time to experiment as thoroughly as they have, especially given I'm not much of a DOOM fan.