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Skype field in profiles fixed.

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Xkeeper, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Good news, everyone! It's fixed! This means Tweaker no longer has to manually add them and you don't lose them if you click the edit profile button. :eng101:

    The dramatic story below.
    <!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->NINEKO: SO HEY THE SKYPE FIELD IN PROFILES IS BROKE

    05:14'24" Xkeeper: yes
    05:16'18" Xkeeper: had to move because SURPRISE SURPRISE
    05:16'32" Xkeeper: the ACP requires javascript

    05:20'17" Xkeeper: busy punching the ACP

    05:23'02" Xkeeper: Seriously does that hack work for anybody?
    05:23'14" nineko84: What hack?
    05:23'17" Xkeeper: the skype one
    05:23'22" nineko84: I don't know
    05:23'37" nineko84: But some people have a skype name in their profile
    05:23'51" Xkeeper: I'm curious how.
    05:24'21" nineko84: I know Tweaker has been able to set them, when I complained to him that the field was missing from the user cp, instead of fixing it, he entered my skype name by his own

    05:26'55" Xkeeper: IPB is just being an ass in the pain as usual
    05:28'17" Xkeeper: Yay, time to play PHP Archolegy!
    05:28'27" Xkeeper: this'll be fun given that I lost the ability to spell words a few hours ago.

    05:37'14" Xkeeper: I want to punch IPB
    05:37'23" nineko84: I can guess why

    05:45'35" nineko84: Don't lose your mind over this
    05:45'47" Xkeeper: I just realized why my change wasn't showing up
    05:45'49" Xkeeper: wrong skin 8)
    05:50'35" Xkeeper: hey guess what !
    05:50'44" nineko84: You made it work?
    (it worked in the User CP, but not the profile page like the other quick-edits... let's fix that too)

    06:11'21" Xkeeper: oy.
    06:11'27" nineko84: Yes?
    06:11'36" Xkeeper: trying to RE the javascript
    06:11'51" Xkeeper: excepthtatit'salllikethisincondencedSHITCODEsoyoucantfuckingseeanythingevenifyoucouldfind
    06:11'58" nineko84: Needs more {}
    06:12'06" Xkeeper: 'right
    06:12'18" Xkeeper: <<<<<<<{#{!!{%!IK%DS OhfVAR%[email protected]%[email protected]|%[email protected]|%CHEESEBURGEHRER#%}@% !#^>#^^># >QWERTYUIOP javascript SUCKS
    06:12'26" nineko84: lol
    06:12'30" nineko84: irl
    (yes, it is that bad)

    06:21'01" Xkeeper: This is sad
    06:21'06" Xkeeper: I have to use a fucking packet sniffer to debug this JS

    06:33'41" nineko84: I'm really sorry to leave now that I asked you to help, but I really have to go D:
    06:33'48" Xkeeper: oh, well
    06:34'10" Xkeeper: yeah, I just need to update all the skins to fix some names
    06:34'12" Xkeeper: the code is fixed
    06:34'17" Xkeeper: took me an hour to find the fucking file, but I did it<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

    In other words, I have now made my bi-yearly fix to the Sonic Retro domain, thereby justifying my administrative privledges for another year or so :colbert:

    Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go <strike>put a gun in my mouth</strike> <strike>to bed</strike> HA HA NEVER MIND.
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    I always thought I just had no privileges to do it. Now as I read this and tried it out:

    I love you. *shot*
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    javascript sucks as a language in general, it's annoying that it has such prominence on the web =|
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    You are awesome. Thanks again.