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Silver Sonic Hack Sequel - Development Thread

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Roebloz, Jul 10, 2022.

  1. Roebloz


    I'll change the title once I've decided on the title. So, hello there! Remember Silver Sonic: The Revenge from SHC2021? Yeah, that one hack starring Silver Sonic with janky sprites and awfully hard kaizo levels. Well, me and TheLesha are making a sequel for this year's SHC as well! This time, we will be targetting Sonic 1 8-bit, and balance it to be uhhh...Not on the level of ridiculousness that the first hack could reach. (It's still gonna be challenging, but not downright unfair)

    The story...Well in short summary, Silver Sonic goes to the Kirgony Isles to have a vacation, but then Robotnik comes and invades the islands by planting a red tower on the biggest island from a mysterious floating sphere flying in the sky and obstructed by the clouds. (I sure wonder what it is?) And then, Silver Sonic runs out to defeat the mad doctor once more.

    There will be 6 zones (Obviously), new graphics, no Hill level (But a zone with Hill graphics), and some new gameplay ideas never seen before. (Such as the very cool Conveyor Spinning Belts, you'll see in the first preview video)

    Oh yeah, here is a preview video, featuring Neon Wave Zone Act 1. Some graphics are glitchy, but after all, this isn't the final version. (There's also a preview of my Zelda Classic quest thrown in to only have to upload one video for both)