Should 3D sonic games have hub worlds?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by _oliver, May 7, 2022.

  1. BadBehavior


    Sonic Adventure: Great Game. Had Hubworlds
    Sonic Forces: Total Garbage POS. No Hubworlds

    Sounds like a yes to me. Wouldnt it be cool to actually go through the theme park in colours rather than this flavourless glorified menu that got busted in the Ultimate port?

    Frontiers looks like it's gonna be one big massive hubworld and im all for it.

    Also all the games come with level selects to replay levels so its not like you're forced to navigate hubs to do that.
  2. Zephyr


    I like that they facilitate some exploration, but their existence feels like an excuse to neglect making actual action stages that facilitate exploration. I'd rather the action stages facilitate exploration to the point that they would make hubs redundant.
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  3. Palas


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    Only if they were, in themselves, actual levels in some kind of way. If their only purpose is to be a buffer between levels, what's the point?
  4. Xiao Hayes

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    With Sonic Frontiers coming, I'm not sure hub areas matter in an open world-ish concept. I would handle it like many (MMO)RPGs and Metroidvanias do: connected areas where either they're (mostly) peaceful or (mostly) hostile to the player, but made under the same rules for everything else. Technically, the peaceful areas would count as hub worlds, but only because they're safe havens, not because instantly all the wackyness of the landscape stops and there's nowhere meaningful to go to inside their boundaries.
  5. Shade Vortex

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    How about the games have content that's actually worth engaging with? Hubs inherently involve a lot of downtime, doing nothing and impeding progress. They serve mainly as a breather between the action, but right now, they're not even giving us enough action to need a breather for it. I'd rather more well designed levels- every piece of modelling and designing they have to do for a hub likely takes away time/budget for the actual levels.
  6. Sui Eel

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    If they call for them for some reason, sure.

    They're only an issue when they just kinda waste time without a purpose.

    SA1 hubs were a mixed bag because you could discover secrets and experiment with character movesets, but overstayed their welcome because they sometimes were time sink-y and were hard to navigate at times.

    Unleashed hubs were better but still sometimes had the issue of taking up your time for no reason other than padding.
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  7. iZubat


    Depends like I'll be fine with hubs in 3d games I found them quite nice in SA1 and Unleashed for the most part, though I did not like the weird hub system from advance 3 at all and wouldn't want any sorta hub like that in the 2d games.
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  8. itskidchameleon


    Definitely a big fan of them - really dislike the level to level structure, I prefer a game that let's me take my own pace and explore. I definitely prefer Adventure's excecution of the concept to later attempts (excluding Unleashed because I only played the Wii version). I felt it made each stage feel more real by contextualising them, helped give the story breathing room and scope, and also just included enough little secrets and bits of fun dialogue to act as a nice distraction.

    I'm not sure if people would qualify it or not, but I also really liked Sonic Battles world maps too. Obviously a very different game, but I always enjoy Sonic titles that feel like they include his actual world and give me a chance to explore it, over game's that just take me to an abstract map while I jump arbitrarily between green hills, ice caps and... music plants, with no context.
  9. Sonic Rush and some of the Advance series had wonderful world maps. I suppose Colours does too, although the best to me are Sonic Forces and the mission mode of SA2. The worst I experienced was Rush Adventure.

    Having a map beats a simple menu all day, but the pinnacle is the fully realized adventure fields of SA. Sure would be great to finally get a successor that tops it.
  10. Overlord


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    World maps I'm not against - games have been using those effectively for a long time, including pre-Sonic - but I never saw the point of hub worlds.