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    Hello, everyone! I never thought I'd see the day where I had something to post in this subforum, but here we are! :V

    I'm posting here today, to talk about a Freedom Planet fan game I've been working on for the past three to four years, called Shang Mu Architect! Freedom Planet's engine has been rebuilt from scratch in Game Maker, so I could put a level editor on top of it. It is a mixture of ideas I had for an abandoned Sonic fan game project's level editor, and ideas from Strife's level editor for FP1 that didn't make it into the final game.

    I even made my own wacky tile-based collision system for the project! (And let me tell you: The hindsight from my first attempt at Sonic physics is just :psyduck:)

    Here is the trailer:

    (Forgive the potato quality, I was throttled to 2G data at the time. Now, I'm living in a place with fiber-optic Internet.)

    People have wanted to make their own levels for Freedom Planet for years. Some of the smartest people in the community tried to hack the game, so it could support mods, but it proved so impenetrably difficult a task, it was said that it'd be easier to just rebuild the game from scratch. That's when the lights flicked on in my head. :V

    Here is a short showcase of some of the editor's tools:

    The editor itself is certainly more rudimentary in scope than Lapper's Sonic Studio, but most of the time was spent on researching/poking at the game with Fladvervy's speedrunning trainer, and recreating many of its mechanics with some degree of frame-accuracy. (You would be amazed at how painstakingly intricate the game's design work is!) To say that was a monumental task would be an understatement.

    There's a slew of new art I made for SMA, as well! I wanted the game to feel a little fresher by making new assets where I could, instead of relying too heavily on rips.

    Have a closer look at the assets you're seeing in the trailer:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As a solo project, I bit off way more than I could chew, honestly, but I kept on going anyway. I'm a platformer fanatic, and have played so many of them since I was old enough to hold a controller, but Freedom Planet stole my heart in a way so few have. That game, and the people behind its creation, inspired me to change the course of my life in a very big way; I never forgot that whenever I felt like giving up.


    Now, you might be wondering, when can everyone get their itchy Chaser mitts on this game? :V Well, the project finally hit its 1.0 milestone recently, so as soon as we're done squishing all of the known bugs, it should be ready- for all of you to give me even more bug reports, and quality-of-life suggestions! :specialed: It's the nature of game development, embrace it!

    More is planned for 1.1, so feature-creep doesn't hold back 1.0's release, so if the eventual release seems like it could be more expansive, don't worry. I have many so ideas already.