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Shadow the Hedgehog is now a PSN Classic

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by JaxTH, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Willie


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    I personally would like to see an HD remaster of Shadow the Hedgehog someday with improvements like better controls and a better camera...but that's not going to happen and it's probably for the best that SEGA doesn't remind the public about the game. I like Shadow the Hedgehog, but I can understand why so many people hate the game. It's a game that hurt the Sonic brand for a lot of people and it took awhile for the series to be redeemed to the mass gaming public.
  2. Jen


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    Well, that was unexpected.

    As others have said: why? Shadow is widely considered as one of the worst games in the franchise and it certainly put a dent into Sonic's reputation; why re-release this game now, when Sonic's reputation is actually improving again? I mean, really, this game was pretty shoddy when it was first released so it's hardly going to have aged well...

    Personally, I'm really not a fan of this game. I kinda enjoyed it when I first played it but the appeal wore off really, really quickly. I'm not keen on Shadow as a character anyway, the guns idea was pretty absurd and certainly LOOKS absurd, the forced use of "damn" etc just sounded immature, the controls were slippery and weird, not to mention you have to play the game a stupid amount of times in order to see the true ending.
  3. Blue Blood

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    Cheap and easy. It's very much the same as Heroes on PS3. No fanfare, no announcement, no effort, just a quick buck for SEGA. These are the sorts of re-releases that should just be allowed to go under the carpet.
  4. muteKi


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    Besides, if they were going to make this a more worthwhile purchase they'd probably use something other than the PS2 version specifically. (Actually compared to Heroes, the PS2 version's all right, at least; got it for like $2 at a Gamestop maybe a year and a half ago and didn't look back. Not that you could because, despite the collectables missions scattered throughout the game, most of the levels' structure still resembles the extremely linear level design that became the norm starting in SA2.)

    One thing I'll absolutely give it over Heroes is that you can teleport to previous checkpoints from any other checkpoint, which is pretty much essential in a few places and would have made Team Chaotix much, much less frustrating to play as. Less fun to 100%, too.

    I did enjoy the game, though it's not stellar, and the tone is a jarring shift from everything else in the series.
  5. Glisp


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    None at the moment I'm afraid.
    Why can't more Sonic fans be optimistic like you MuteKi?

    Unfortunately, I doubt anyone would care enough. Despite the potential gains of modding some of the games, they won't get nearly as much attention as Generations does. Take Sonic Heroes PC for example. There aren't nearly as many people working on it as there could be but it has potential that's just starting to have the surface scratched.
  6. GeneHF


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    I rank them about the same, and often put them in the same rank of "crappiness" as SA2 and 06.

    Bring on all your napalm, Internet. It only fuels me more.
  7. Metal Man88

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    Sorry to dump a bunch of sand on what some people are saying, but

    * Shadow is not THE worst game.
    * Shadow isn't even a REALLY BAD game.

    It's a silly B-movie game with absurd plot, weird gameplay (but not BROKEN gameplay, excepting a few levels) but otherwise, it didn't kill your grandma and it didn't run over you dog.

    And it's not going to effect the 'reputation' of the 'series' for being rereleased. It's a game, not a political party, people. Cripes.
  8. Ravenfreak


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    Funny thing is I just recently bought this game last week. (I got it for Christmas 2005 but ended up trading it in, but for some reason I wanted the game again. :v:) It's not that bad but the controls are kind of annoying, and the homing attack sort of sucks but it's still fun. (I own the gc version btw...)
  9. TimmiT


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    This depends on how high your standards are. While it's not Sonic 2006-bad, it's still an incredibly tedious game. Very playable, but tedious nonetheless. It's probably up there with Sonic Labyrinth when it comes to the quality.
  10. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    A collection of my thoughts from my latest playthrough of the game at the end of last year:

    Many of those points just allude to the games general goofiness, but others go to show just how bad it is on a more objectionive level. So many parts just reeked of laziness and poor design. It controlled terribly, it was unfair and frustrating, it was an absolute eyesore at the worst of times and it was not fun to play at all (not for any of the right reasons at least). Gameplay doesn't have to be totally broken for a game to be bad, and I think ShTH is a pretty good example of that. It's a really bad game that's beaten to the title of "worst Sonic game" only by an unfinished title.
  11. Captain L

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    Woah woah woah. Let's not say things we'll regret here. Admittedly, I've never played 06, and it's been a long time since I've played Labyrinth, but I consider Labyrinth to be the worst Sonic game, and the worst game ever I've ever played that wasn't a pirate or otherwise unlicensed game. And don't give me the "it's only bad because it isn't Sonic". No, it's bad because it's absolutely terrible to play. If it wasn't related to Sonic, I would still hate it. The only redeeming qualities it has are some good Game Gear graphics (but by god do some levels really hurt your eyes), and a decent credits theme that reminds me of Mega Man 1.

    Shadow, I fully see the reasons why people don't like it, I know the problems are there, but I just don't care about them as much. Its script is enjoyably awful, the guns work and are fun to work with, not every level's "find everything" mission was bad, and I still have a 10 year old's sense of awesome. "It's Shadow, the dark and brooding Sonic! He's got guns and he's swearing and fighting aliens in ruined cities! Cool!" Yes, it's stupid of me, but I enjoy it. I even prefer the game to Heroes because it isn't nearly as boring. Plus, my copy of Heroes is scratched, and it crashes if it tries to load a special stage or Rail Canyon.
  12. Mecha Sally

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    The fact that so many people want to hack/fix Sonic 06 is probably why Sega hasn't released a PC version. It's like they know someone will fix their mistakes and they don't want to be embarrassed. Or at least not any more embarrassed than they already are. =P

    I actually enjoyed Shadow more than Heroes. It didn't seem to have as many stupid glitches and deaths as Heroes did. The script was laughably bad, though, and I wasn't looking forward to having to play the game 10 times. I think I've gotten like...two or three of the endings.
    It was pretty amusing to see Shadow kill Eggman in one of them, though.
  13. Blastfrog


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    It wasn't the greatest game out there, but I did find some enjoyment out of it when it came out. It's not even near Sonic Labrynth, TimmiT.

    I think it's more that they want people to forget that it even existed, being not a controversial title with some issues like Shadow, but rather one of their biggest bombs in the entire series. From a quality standpoint, it's objectively better than Labrynth, but Labrynth was just a shitty portable spinoff. 06 was far worse from a PR standpoint because it was over-hyped and was a main part of the series, when it turned out to be very mediocre.
  14. Glisp


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    None at the moment I'm afraid.
    It makes me wonder if that's where they came up with the idea for the ending for 06 resetting the timeline as if it never happened. =P
  15. Paradigm


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    The only memory I have of Shadow the Hedgehog is playing it at my friend's house when I was around eight years old. The verdict? It was actually a decent time waster. I wouldn't mind buying it if it ever becomes available for download here in the States (that is, if the price is respectable).
  16. Zycor


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    *insert DAMN forth chaos emerald joke*

    Well... I'm pretty sure no one saw this coming... and I don't know why it even did. What can I say? While, no, Shadow isn't a terrible game (hell, I rented it over a weekend and had my fill; no desire to 100% it. Like Sonic Heroes, Sonic Adventure (fuck you Big) and Sonic Adventure 2 (would've 100%'d it if not for those fucking chao emblems)) I guess after re-releasing the rest of the games, this was inevitable.

    I still am not sure how I feel about the fact that SEGA acts like every one of these games is classic, but eh... it's a quick buck for them, and I really doubt it's gonna sell that many copies in Japan, but in the US I could see it getting a fair amount of downloads, after all there are still kids who think Shadow is the most bad ass character around...

    I would have rather had this news: "Unleashed to be getting a PC port", but I guess the excellent mod will be the closest thing to me playing that game that will ever happen.
  17. Clutch


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    I don't see any politics in this as the classic games section on the PSN Store was never about functioning as a sort of "greatest hits" list. It's a collection of straight dump-overs of PS1 and PS2 titles with absolutely no re-working (in fact, they have a policy against doing so). It's more about being comprehensive than filtering everything to the must-haves: noticed all the licensed Disney and Nickelodeon stuff on there.
  18. Solid SOAP

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    I just feel that by releasing one of the worst Sonic games of all time, the only thing that will get accomplished besides some quick cash is more of a backlash against the series when they see SEGA still trying to make these games relevant.
  19. ICEknight


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    From an 8 year old's perspective, kind of makes sense... =P
  20. Ayu Tsukimiya

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    I was only 11 when this game came out, and I thought it was horrible even back then.

    An improved port of the GC version of Heroes would actually have been a neat idea.