Shadow the Hedgehog - 10th Anniversary Retrospective Thread

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  1. Going from my memories of going through the game its a bizarre mix of happiness and disappointment.

    1) I knew that it wasn't going to be an amazing game. BUT, I still got it, it is my Xmas present for the year it came out. True story, I worked at a pub on xmas day. I didn't have breakfast and I'm pretty sure I got wasted on mulled wine fumes, half a mug of mulled wine and 2-3 pints of cider. Good days.
    2) Its stupid, but I wish it went "full stupid" First level shouldn't not have been Westopolis. It should have been Green Hill Zone. Its raining and there is a point where you complete a loop de loop and lightning strikes it and it expodes. Also... needed more Eggmobiles. Come on actually being able to pilot the Green Hill Zone boss and use the wrecking ball to destroy robots and break walls is a no brainer. Along with an opportunity to pilot a helicopter to the Emerald Hill Zone cart.
    3) Genuinely love the soundtrack. Especially the sinister GUN Fortress.
    4) Lack of Eggman lackey ending. What the?
    5) The fact that the ONLY question that needed to be answered from Shadow's back story was: "Is he a clone or the genuine article?" was only answered if you do the Devil Doom boss slowly.
    6) Actually thought that it had some not terrible level design, almost as if developing levels for one character was a bit easier than developing levels for 17 characters.
    7) Internets levels. And there were tubes. Sadly no internet meme based on the internet really being a series of tubes and Shadow had to clean them.
    8) No Angel Island. I know. Knux is my fave character and having a level based on the choice of defending the master emerald or seizing it for Black Doom would have been nice.
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    You know, ignoring the awful control, I rarely come across legitimate glitches in this game, so I guess it has that going for it--
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    I'm really surprised that nobody mentioned that this was the first game where Marza Animation Planet took over the CGI cutscene/intro/promotional department from here on out. This is when the CG style got consistent between games (with some minor exceptions).
  4. That wasn't Marza, it was Blur Studios Inc. Marza's first game was Unleashed. Why nobody checks the credits?
  5. Regarding the controls in this game, turning does become more difficult as Shadow's speed increases. However, he immediately stops running if you cease to hold any direction on the control stick, which helps with landing on small platforms.
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    New, never-before-seen security footage taken on the Space Colony ARK fifty years ago (guess it's sixty now, actually) was unearthed recently, and the guv'mnt attempted to prevent it from reaching civilian eyes. But the public deserves to know the truth, and to that end, I bring you this confidential video file showing just one of Shadow the Hedgehog's many atrocities aboard the station.
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    I've played in Shadow the Hedgehog for the first time in this year (probably a couple of months ago), despite negative (mixed with "mediocre") opinions about it. Well, I was expecting something like SA2 or SH - so platformer "with issues", but still enjoyable. To be honest - after playing in StH I feel a bit disappointed.

    First of all - technical problems. I don't know if the reason was that I've played in Shadow on PS2, but I had impression, that this game is notoriously slowing down and have problems with sound.

    Second thing - scenario and plot. I know, that if you want to play in Sonic games (or at least "most important" games belonging to this series), you have to swallow a big chunk of nonsense and illogical twists and other things like that, but looking for cut-scene where you have military central and soldier reporting to his commander, with seriousness and emotion in his voice, about "black hedgehog", and seeing serious dispute about this "black hedgehog"... I felt like I was playing in some sort of "mutated hack", where developer was planning completely different main hero (and other characters), but eventually decided for throwing Shadow the Hedgehog into this game.

    Third thing - control. I wish I could play in Shadow on keyboard or some classic gamepad with D-Pad (I know that PS2 has d-pad, but it's terrible, and what is more - you can't use it to control your character). I know that it sounds weird, because almost everyone share the opinion, that the best controller for 3D platformers are sticks/knobs/whatever. Personally - I don't like them, and surprisingly, I could (eventually) deal with slippery control in Sonic Heroes, thanks to keyboard (and later I've decided for USB version of Sega Saturn's gamepad - now we're talking!). Controlling Shadow was for me painfull experience* till the end. Or rather "almost" the end, because I didn't end penultimate level (I've ended every scenario as "good one").

    Last but not least - gameplay. Here I've got the biggest problem. In my opinion it was boring and suffered for lack of pace. Although I'm not entirely sure, if it was fault of some technical problems, or the overall game. I don't have big problem with guns, probably because I prefered to use homing attack, whenever it was possible. But on the other hand - when there is shooting in 3D environment, I feel very uncomforable without mouse. Even with all this auto-aiming thing.

    I don't know maybe I will give second chance to this game one day, but to be honest - I feel that I'd rather play one more time in Sonic Heroes :P

    *I could play in Shadow on emulator, but having all this slowing down and issues with sound - I've gave up, it was even worser than playing on PS2
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    Yeah, the PS2 versions of Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog are notoriously bad ports. I never had any problems with the GameCube version.
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    Plus the fact the PS2 versions were limited to 30fps as well as having some ridiculous loading times.
  10. The controls of the characters in Sonic Heroes are more slippery than Shadow's controls in Shadow the Hedgehog, in my opinion. In Sonic Heroes, the characters take a while to slow down if you let go of the control stick and some of their falling speed is translated into their horizontal momentum if they're moving in another direction whenever they land.