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Series with a title on every Sega platform?

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Bobblen, Jan 19, 2022.

  1. Bobblen


    Is there a doom port for 'just' the megadrive? If you're talking about doom 32x resurrection, that uses mega cd features as well as 32x so could count for all three!

    EDIT - wow, that SMS Wolfie port is also on GG and somehow SG1000!? Also Game Boy but that doesn't count here :-P
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  2. CyberNinja


    Thought of another game that, while it definitely isn’t all every Sega platform, is on a surprising amount for a single title

    Primal Rage:

    Game Gear: Primal Rage
    Master System: not officially but GG2SMS hack/port
    Megadrive: Primal Rage
    Mega CD: N/A
    32X: Primal Rage
    Saturn: Primal Rage
    Dreamcast: N/A

    so it is missing a few versions but surprisingly prevalent all things considered
  3. Bobblen


    Yeah, anything by Midway/Acclaim (MK, Primal Rage, NBA Jam, WWF etc) tends to be ported to many Sega systems. And just because we talked about it before and it's fun

    First Party ID Tech Series (conveniently including the Wolfenstein 3d engine which technically predates ID Tech 1/Doom :-P, lets call it ID Tech 0)

    SG-1000: Wolfenstein Maze 3D (homebrew by Under4MHZ - Wolfenstein Maze 3D by Under4Mhz (
    Master System: Wolfenstein Maze 3D (homebrew by Under4MHZ)
    Game Gear: Wolfenstein Maze 3D (homebrew by Under4MHZ)
    Mega Drive: Wolfenstein 3D (homebrew by gasega68k, unfinished? wolfenstein demo for sega genesis - SpritesMind.Net)
    Mega Drive + Mega Everdrive Pro Flash Cartridge: Mega Doom (homebrew by & krikzz, couldn't find a launch page so went with RetroRGB Doom Ported to the Genesis via Mega Everdrive Pro | RetroRGB)
    32X: Doom (commercial release), Wolf32x (homebrew by ChillyWilly Wolf32X - now at alpha 4! - SpritesMind.Net), Doom 32X Resurrection (homebrew by Vic & Chilly Willy Doom 32X Resurrection - Console Doom - Doomworld)
    32X + Mega CD: Doom 32X Resurrection (homebrew by Vic & Chilly Willy, note this is not a 'Mega 32x' game, it's a 32x cartridge which can optionally make use of Mega CD features via mode 1)
    Saturn: Doom (commercial release) Quake (commercial release)
    Dreamcast: Quake III Arena (commercial release), Quake (Titanium Software, unreleased prototype), various Doom homebrew ports including Doom for the DC (by Chilly Willy) and DoomDC/nxDoom by crt0, DCGrendel, BlackAura

    And probably many more!

    EDIT - including this one, a port of WinDoom - Unofficial original port of Doom Dreamcast with Windows CE | SEGA Dreamcast Info (
    and a homebrew port of Quake that looks very nice nuQuake v1.2 -

    basically, the Dreamcast is an open platform, and Wolf3D/Doom/Quake are open source so there's going to be loads.
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  4. CyberNinja


    It’s been mentioned in passing earlier I think but the Phantasy Star series is very well represented on various Hardware generations from Sega:

    Game Gear: Phantasy Star Adventure & Phantasy Star Gaiden
    Master System: Phantasy Star
    Megadrive: Phantasy Star, Phantasy Star 2, Phantasy Star IIi, Phantasy Star IV, Phantasy Star Adventures 2 via MegaNet
    Mega CD: Phantasy Star Adventures 2 via Game Can Vol 1 & Vol 2
    32X: No
    Saturn: Phantasy Star Collection (the 1st 4 games in a compilation)
    Dreamcast: Phantasy Star Online
  5. CyberNinja


    Thought if another series with very good representation on Sega’s hardware.

    Road Rash

    Game Gear
    : Road Rash
    Master System: Road Rash
    Megadrive: Road Rash, Road Rash 2, Road Rash 3
    Mega CD: Road Rash
    32X: No game
    Saturn: Road Rash
    Dreamcast: No game

    it’s an interesting one as obviously all the systems (other than 32X and Dreamcast) have a game called Road Rash.

    The original version was on Megadrive and this got downported (surprisingly well) to Game Gear and Master System.

    The Saturn game is a port of the successful 3DO entry

    The Mega CD/Sega CD is an interesting hybrid - featuring the engine from the Megadrive game but the FMV sequences, styling/presentation and soundtrack from the 3DO game. So a weird/interesting kind of bridge between the 16 bit and 32 bit versions.
  6. CyberNinja


    Another series with superb representation - a version of the original game playable on all major hardware - plus extras/spin-offs/rebrands and follow ups of various quality across the platforms


    This time it is the Mega CD that misses out which is a shame.

    Game Gear: OutRun, OutRun Europa

    Master System: OutRun, OutRun 3D, OutRun Europa, Battle OutRun

    Megadrive: OutRun, Turbo OutRun, OutRun 2919, OutRunners

    Mega CD: No game :(

    32X: No game but OutRun Ferrari makes a cameo Easter Egg appearance while refuelling

    Saturn: Sega Ages: OutRun in Japan and as part of Sega Ages Vol 1 in the West. OutRun music also appears as an Easter Egg in Fighters MegaMix and as an unlockable Easter Egg by entering your initials as O.R in Daytona USA

    Dreamcast: Included in ShenMue II and in Yu Suzuki Game Works Vol 1 (albeit with car licencing amendments)

    This is much more tenuous but what about Ninja Gaiden. In a round about way it is fairly well represented.

    Game Gear: Ninja Gaiden

    Master System: Ninja Gaiden

    Megadrive: Ninja Gaiden (unreleased arcade port but playable proto exists

    Mega CD: No game

    32X: No game

    Saturn: Ryu Hayabusa playable in Dead or Alive

    Dreamcast: Ryu Hayabusa playable in Dead or Alive 2

    as I said - tenuous at best - but I was playing some 8-bit Ninja Gaiden and your mind starts piecing together games across Sega platforms.
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  7. Meat Miracle

    Meat Miracle

    I'm pretty sure After Burner is playable in some form on every Sega console, but you have to count the Game Gear through the master gear converter. It's also almost always a port of AB II, except for the Sega CD getting some crap game rebranded as AB III.

    If you just count licenses, then the X-Men should have appeared on everything except the Pico. But the Dreamcast had no separate x-men game, they just made up a large chunk of Marvel vs Capcom 1-2 characters, and the 32x game was unreleased.

    Donald Duck had no games on the Sega CD and 32x, but he was on everything else including the Pico.