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Segagaga models

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Quickman, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Quickman


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    I want to get the models for the Megadrive, MegaCD and 32X from the final boss sequence in Segagaga for the Dreamcast. (Also, if the combined forms - Megadrive+MegaCD and Megadrive+MegaCD+32X - are separate models then I want those too.) However, I know very little about this stuff, and I don't have a tremendous amount of will to find out, so I'm posting in the hope that someone can tell me more and possibly provide something I can give to someone who does know how to work with 3D stuff.
  2. Polygon Jim

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    If you can give me a savegame at that point in the game I can try and get them. Although %90 chance it will be impossible most Dreamcast games do backface culling, meaning they only draw the part of the model facing the screen.
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    Huh, I thought that the way the Dreamcast rendered made that useless? At least there are quite a fair share of games that don't do it.

    Also, I guess it would be better to extract the meshes directly. I suppose that the format Sega used is well-known by now.