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Sega working on new Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi Big-Budget "Super Games"

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Azookara, Apr 19, 2022.

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    Seeing the preference for the original here is weird to me, haha.

    JSR is a good game, one I've beaten now multiple times over and even learned to speedrun. But overall I think JSRF is a superior game in almost every single way. Excellent world design, WAY better controls and welcome new additions like the boost and expanded trick system, the muted color palette and raw loud art style feels like you're playing a Gainax anime, the soundtrack is toe to tip bangers (then again so is the first..), I just adore it. HUGE step up for me.

    But I did say "almost" better for a reason. And I think that's just because I like the some of the GGs's designs in the original a little bit more, and I do think they shouldn't have completely thrown away the old tagging style. The one introduced in JSRF streamlines the game so well, but the really big murals should've required you to do them the old-fashioned way. It would've made those moments feel a lot more special. But I also kind of get the divergence from it, since part of the point in that style of tagging came down to a timer counting down; something that was removed from JSRF.

    Although I love Future, JSR has not met it's full potential just yet, and honestly both Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and this "super game" idea feel like they could be evolving the concepts I wanted to see evolved, albeit in different directions. BRC seems to be expanding the gameplay even further with new vehicles and a rehauled trick system akin to Tony Hawk (a very welcome change!) as well as possibly a bigger, bolder story going by what's teased. But the prospect of an open world multiplayer JSR feels like the kind of game these games always needed to be to reach it's logical conclusion. How else to immerse people in a giant wacky city full of stylish punks than to put everyone in it together?

    I feel blessed to know we live in a world where we might have two more JSRs (counting BRC as an honorary), let alone one. That sounded impossible five years ago. Hell, even two years ago. Even NOW.
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    I think the comparison to Fortnite probably stems from this being a Bloomberg article, though if Sega were to try AAA multiplayer I would not complain at this point, beyond the inevitable attachment to Denuvo. Also new JSR and Crazy Taxi would be welcome