Sega Teradrive rotation demo (feat. Sonic and Madonna)

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    "I don't think so" to both.
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    Although it was repurposed as a Teradrive demo, am I correct that this rotation demo was supposedly originally produced for and shown at Tokyo Toy Show 1990, alongside the earliest known rolling demo of Sonic the Hedgehog?

    Just a thought, but if the team behind the Teradrive were repurposing old demos, I wonder if they were given an archive of pre-existing demos and then just cherry-picked the ones they thought would be suitable, discarding the rest? Might be a possible explanation as to how the famed Tokyo Toy Show Sonic demo went missing prior to development of Sonic Mega Collection...

    (That or just good old fashioned poor archival procedures, haha. Probably the latter, but you never know...!)

    EDIT: Also, just a thought - if I'm remembering correctly re: the demo's age, the "SONIC THE HEDGHOG" logo in the rotation demo could actually be the same one from the early title screen seen in some proto shots of the game, in which case it'd feature smaller lettering than the final version.
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    Its a long shot, but I kind of agree that it could be reused from something at the TTS. Speaking from a lazy perspective, if I had a prototype/tech demo I could easily modify opposed to having to dig through a final build, I'd grab that instead. Especially if its in an uncompressed format, which a lot of stuff initially is in prototypes.

    It is, again, a long shot. BUT in their shoes, I'd have nabbed the easier to get assets.
  4. Hey, there were SNES test programs that had assets from an early version of SMW. there's a small chance TTS stuff might be in there.