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Sega Sucks.

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Zelkia, Sep 11, 2017.

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  1. Zelkia


    Sega is an extremely highly regarded company for some reason, and i just can't see it. They're another typical case of "The devs are great but the company holds them back". They're an incredibly greedy, manipulative company that screws over every third party developer it touches. They lie to you, they lie to the developers, and when they screw something up in favour of a quick buck, they pin the blame on someone else. It's disgusting yet so many people seem to wrongly hold Sega in such high regard! And people seem to think after their recent stand against rushing games that they're "back", so to speak. (Quick note: They're not.) So, after being inspired by Dillin Thomas, i wanted to talk about why Sega is so bad, especially in relation to Sonic. So, let's go to the root of the problem, shall we?

    One of the first noticable cases of Sega's greed is Sonic Xtreme. It was pushed into 3D for hardware not designed for 3D games, due to Nintendo entering the third dimension, and Sony coming into the race. This forced them to push the developers beyond their limits, with one almost dying! Now this in and of itself is disgusting enough, but it gets worse. As you all know, the game was completely cancelled, resulting in the Saturn's failure, essentially. So it falls onto the developers that not only the game failed, but the console itself failed. And it gets worse. With the console itself being released early, the developers were rushed even moreso, which was what resulted in a developer's near death. And for what, in the end? The game wasn't finished, not even in a broken state, so the work of the developers that almost resulted in a death, went completely unnoticed. And what replaced it was a simple port of 3D Blast developed by Traveller's Tales, which was harmless enough. However, their next time working with Sega wouldn't be so... not ugly. (I'll not call 3D Blast pretty.) Though i will say TT took a bit of a hit due to this game, because it wasn't what people were expecting at all.

    Sonic R was too, developed by Traveller's Tales. Now, i needn't explain what went wrong here, because, well, everything did. I'll not go on about how bad the game is, as that's common knowledge by this point. However, i will note that the game was rushed to release, as that was the root of all the game's problems. Sega didn't learn their lesson, which with any rushed game is bad, but don't forget the last time it happened it nearly killed someone. They essentially completely disregarded one of their developers after a situation like that. As for Sonic R, the game was so bad that TT took a major hit to their reputation and has never worked with Sega since. Rightfully so.
    Soon after, the Saturn passed, leading them into the Dreamcast. Which wasn't half bad. 2 good Sonic games during its short life, which is nice. But the death of the Saturn killed any hype surrounding Sega, and as such the Dreamcast too, passed on, leaving Sega to go third party.
    The first Sonic game released after this period was Heroes, which, while it was nothing special, was a good game. However, due to lack of communication, the PS2 and Xbox ports suffered a minor hit as they were never even intended to be made. However Sega, in favour of money, told the developers last minute to port a game that was intended solely for Gamecube to the PS2 and Xbox. It's nothing huge, and even on the PS2 and Xbox it's still a nice game, though they're definitely not the best versions.

    Now, the big case. Sonic The Hedgehog (2006). It sucks, we all know that. I do think the actual quality of the game (or lack thereof) is over-exaggerated, but that's a story for another day. And i'll not ramble on about how bad this game is, either. It's common knowledge, even to any non-Sonic fans. Anyway, moving on. Even despite Sega's previous failures, they still didn't learn. Sonic 06 too, was rushed for the holidays, decreasing the quality of the game. The worst part is that nothing was patched out, and no apology was given. To everyone outside, the game just sucked. The game that dozens of developers worked extremely hard on in order to hit the deadline, flopped due to Sega's selfishness. To everyone, the game sucks- Not Sega, and it's unfair to the developers to have that thought of their game that they worked so hard on.

    I'll leave more for later, as I'm currently out of time to write this, but i want everyone to stand against Sega, or at least, understand the company they're supporting before buying in. Sega is an extremely selfish company that mistreats their own developers and ruins the people that develop for them. They don't take responsibility for the fact that ANY of Sonic's failures are purely their fault and due to this, the blame automatically falls to the developers of these games. I want everyone to at least understand the company they're supporting, or even stand against them and their actions. And this whole story gets worse from here, trust me. I've got a couple of doozies once i get back to finishing this post. For now, just go look at Dillon's video, "Sega is Stupid Part 1 Sonic the hedgehog". He's an awesome content creator and i applaud him for calling Sega out on their actions. If you have anything to add relating to spinoffs or other cases I've gotten wrong or have missed, please tell me. As far as Sonic goes i want a comprehensive list of the BS Sega has pulled on it's developers so the customers know the company they're supporting inside and out. Thank you, and have a good rest of your day.
  2. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
  3. Need to wear some oven mitts for this hot take.
  4. TimmiT


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    You're really not saying anything we don't already know here. I mean, you're posting this on a forum with a wiki that details the development of the games you're talking about:

    Really it's pretty likely that the video you're talking about used the wiki as a source.

    And yeah, Sega sucks. The game industry in general sucks. All the problems you're talking about aren't really problems with Sega specifically and more the game industry in general. Just about every huge game publisher treats their developers badly and does anti-consumer bullshit. Not that I'm defending the shit Sega does, just if you're going to only want to support games published by companies that aren't incredibly scummy then that's going to be slim pickings for you.
  5. steveswede


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    This is some beautiful grade A sperging. No need for twenty trial posts this autism instantly qualifies you to become a Retro member. XD
  6. TimmiT


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    Hey if you want an example of how not to act on this forum: here you go.
  7. Ashura96


    Okay but what have they done for me lately? You should try citing more recent examples instead of age old crap from 10-20 years ago. (Edit: That you weren't even around to experience first hand)

  8. TimmiT


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    EDIT: Actually nevermind trash
  9. Asagoth


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    wiki stuff... and a beer... or two... or more...
    Its probably the most stupid comment i will ever made here but... i think it depends on the taste of each person ... for example... if SEGA decides to sell toothpicks tomorrow ... I'll buy them because they are made by SEGA ... and for me it's all that matters ... and believe me... I'm not a "fanboy"...
  10. Conzuh


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    I was half expecting more complaining about DRM on Mania :v:

    Saying people seem to believe Sega is back from the dead implies that you're going to criticise more recent things they've done. As you said, it's common knowledge Sonic 06 sucks, so none of this is really relevant.

    Personally I think they've been doing alright!
  11. Okamikurainya


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    I love Sonic R and think 3D Blast is beautiful to look... :colbert:

    I also can't help but wonder if Sonic X-treme would be as popular if it was ever finished.

    Make them blue, slap Sonic on the packaging and they can have my money. :v:
  12. Dark Sonic

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    I'd say Sega has a history of some really dumb decisions. They do well by some things but they're stubborn and they neglect most of their franchises. But whether it comes to how they dealt with consoles or how they deal with Sonic games it's all just one fucked up rollercoaster.

    So at least IMO, they have some good IPs and they're at least not on Nintendo levels of "muh IP properties," but overall they're a kinda lousy company. That being said though I give them major props for allowing Mania to be a thing. They probably had to swallow their pride a bit and step out of their comfort zone but they actually did and it worked in everyone's favor. Then of course there's that DRM nonsense, but that seems to be more of SoE's fault.
  13. Amnimator


    I've seen much worse from a company. But pretty much TimmiT's post summarizes it pretty well. The business part of a company is often at odds with what the content creators as well as the consumers want.
    Current day SEGA, I feel is more good than bad as far as I'm concerned. If you want to see creative talent that runs for the hills the moment the company touches it, see Microsoft.
  14. ICEknight


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    I was expecting SEGA to have renamed their SEGA Forever line. =\
  15. David The Lurker

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    It's ok to talk about history and consider that SEGA is not a perfect company. But it's a bit silly to say we should take up arms against them. Isn't the point of history to learn from the mistakes of the past?
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    Bumping the locked topic for transparency reasons:

    Even with a topic that was this stupid, this sort of language towards another member isn't acceptable. 1 week sharking.
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