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Sega Retro: What's Going On For Now

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Andlabs, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Sparks


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    Hey wait.

    Why not call it the Sonic and SEGA Retro Allstars?

  2. This is a brilliant idea.

    Even moreso because, no matter how much you guys may want to move away from Sonic after the Sonic 4 fiasco, Sonic is still very much a part of Sega. Which is another reason why banning discussion of Sonic games is a bad idea (Don't know if you guys are still going through with that tidbit).

    Also, perhaps with this reveal, we may see more hacks of more SEGA games.
  3. Hivebrain


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    I should point out that creating single-sentence placeholder pages, or copy/pasting from wikipedia is not allowed. The article for Barney's Hide & Seek is the standard which everyone needs to follow when making a new page about a game.
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    Freakin' awesome. But may I make a single suggestion to it? I got used to Sonic Retro's dark Rusted Cooper skin. This new bright and shiny is irritating me a bit. Any chances you could copy over that skin to SEGA Retro or at least make anything dark releated?
    I'm looking totally forward into this anyway. =)
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    A bit sad that the prime example of a good article is Barney, don't you think? :rolleyes:
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    None at the moment I'm afraid.
    I can help with Sega Genesis game music rips and also contribute a few Sega CD and Sega Saturn Redbook soundtracks. Some of the rips I've made for the Genesis games are difficult to come by and I make it a priority that all of my rips be at 320 KBPS when I convert the WAV files to MP3. I also amplify them a little but I make sure not to over do it to avoid bad clipping. Also, I use the overdrive, Super HQ, and other music options in Kega Fusion for extra quality.

    I don't touch the Sega CD or Saturn redbook tracks though. Also, I made sure to give Sega CD and Saturn Red book tracks appropriate names if I knew them or could think of them and unless it had an official OST with the tracks names as listed in Windows media player with the discs inserted.

    There are going to probably be music rips for some Genesis games that have sound effects in them since it may or may not be avoidable without hacking. (example: Sega Genesis Primal Rage. Some sound effects are simply unavoidable and there is no sound effect off option so I'm screwed but I'll rip it anyways upon request.) However, I will try to lower the amount of Sound effects that appear at all costs.

    Also, if there is a specific request for a soundtrack then please, pass me a PM and I'll see what I can do.

    Currently, I have the following soundtrack rips for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games:

    Jurassic Park (includes a couple of tracks I ripped from the leaked beta)
    Jurassic Park Rampage Edition (Not many people have attempted ripping this one. I think I'm one of the first.)
    Eternal Champions
    Dynamite Headdy
    Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
    Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - The Movie (has synth versions of many of the music tracks from seasons 1 & 2 of MMPR.)
    Zero Wing

    Sega CD Redbook:
    Earthworm Jim: Special Edition
    Ecco: Songs of time (Sega CD Redbook versions of it though.)
    Jurassic Park (Includes the PCM Track played in the Visitor's Center. Have never beat this so the tracks have no names.)
    Eternal Champions: Challenge From the Dark Side
    Mortal Kombat: Sega CD (Only a few of the tracks have been named. The non opening FMV ones are not the real names.)
    Wild Woody (Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal the heavy metal artist composed this soundtrack.)

    Sega Saturn Redbook:
    Revolution X (not all the tracks have been named as I don't know the names of most of Aerosmith's Songs.)
    Virtua Fighter 2 ( The Saturn from the yard sale this game came from broke down before I could play this.)

    Just to note, there are many more Sega Saturn games that I need to rip Redbook from in my collection. Including a Nights into Dreams Demo Disc.

    I do have on Sega 16-Arcade soundtrack I've ripped:
    Altered Beast

    Anyways, I'm probably going to expand my horizons to the most obscure and benign Genesis games I can think of so as I've said before, I will gladly take any requests. I had a bunch more soundtracks than this but my when my old Windows XP died back in January, I lost a great deal of rips. Many of the rips and Saturn Redbook tracks you see above I managed to save onto a flash drive before it happened. All others have been lost though. Thankfully, I can rip better ones.
  7. Andlabs


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    I dunno what we're going to do about music. Right now, Sonic Retro has a separate subdomain for music, but I dunno if Sega Retro will have one too. However, thanks for stepping up to contribute!
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    None at the moment I'm afraid.
    I'd love to chat with you guys on the IRC in #Sega but unfortunately, my internet connection isn't going to let me because it is shit.

    I'm trying to figure the mother fuck why so I can chat without worrying about missing vital details.
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    I'm thinking the complete reverse—is there any intent on making similar skins for each site? The way Sega Retro looks is very pleasing to the eye, and it would be nice if Sonic Retro could possibly look any similar.
  10. dsrb


    These seem to be mutually exclusive, assuming that like me you view all clipping as bad. According to the Fusion manual, "The OVERDRIVE option doubles the volume of sound output, making it sound closer in volume to most other emulators using the MAME sound core. However doing this means that the YM2612, and possibly other chips, are slightly distorted by clipping." In other words, if anything it's detrimental to quality. IMO, if you must alter alter volume post-recording, simple normalisation is probably best, although I'd probably leave it to the listener's volume control. ;)
  11. DigitalDuck


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    Agreed. I personally recommend turning the Overdrive option off, and post-recording Normalise to -0.5dB. But really, as long as all the songs in one game are recorded in the same way, that's good enough.
  12. Glisp


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    None at the moment I'm afraid.
    Realy as long as they don't turn the volume up full blast, have shitty speakers/headphones, or have a bass enhancing feature on the device they are using to listen to the music, they should be fine. Frankly, I like the music to be as loud as possible without it becoming a bad clipping nightmare. In fact, only a few of the music tracks in the rips I've made have been having minor issues with clipping. This is because they have some bass in them. Most notably, a number of the Sega Genesis Jurassic Park tracks are like this. However, you won't notice the clipping unless you do one of the above. Visitor's Center turned out nice though and that's all that really matters since it's one of the best themes in the game. See for yourself:

    This isn't my rip above. It's still the best theme in the game though regardless.
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    Welp, this.
    3rd-party games are acceptable if they were published on a Sega system.
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    Ah. I see now.
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    Haha, seriously? That's incredible. I want to see this in action.

    Sega Retro's existence is now officially justified.