Sega restructuring efforts spark more acquisition rumours

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  1. I haven't even bought one yet. Why? What should I know before I get bored enough to start thinking about blowing my money on something I clearly don't need?

    Other than the fact that "VCS" was the original name of the Atari 2600.
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    Maybe someone here can explain this to me since it has confused me since it was announced. With the whole Toshihiro Nagoshi transitioning from chief creative officer to creative director, chief creative officer is similar to something like a vice president in other corporate structures who adopt that type of naming system correct? And that transitioning to Creative Director is just because the underlying organization in which he held that title is getting dissolved into one that doesn't have that same position title? Just trying to get clarification that this is a lateral move for him and not necessarily a demotion.
  3. You know, after looking into the Atari VCS a bit more, I do need to admit I'm rather disappointed, as its new game library seems to be severely lacking. On the other hand, the Intellivion Amico, which I only learned about a day or two ago, seems to have a much more promising game library. If Sega wanted to move to a new console with nostalgic brand appeal, that would probably be a better bet, especially considering that system is already getting a new ToeJam & Earl.
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    I am less horrified by that console's existence than I am learning Antstream is still a thing. A nice version of Yar's Revenge with 99 bonus games that aren't Yar's Revenge though.

    Not-Atari Atari is many orders of magnitude smaller than Sega. It would be less "merge" and more "eat".
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    Sega's annual revenue: $3.5 billion
    Atari's annual revenue: $29 million
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    Yeah, I was gonna say - if Sega were to "merge" with the company that we now know as Atari, they'd do it in the same way that I "merged" with a piece of toast, some cereal, and a glass of water this morning. It'd mean absolutely nothing for most of their divisions, and I imagine barely anything would come out of it if it were to happen anyway.