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Sega Pico/Beena Thread.

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Kiddo Cabbusses, May 9, 2010.

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    Knowing that nobody else would do this, I sourced 240MB+ of Pico ROM dumps so I could record all the ROM headers. It was mostly a success, but apparently Sega Retro is missing about a dozen Korean-exclusive games.

    The problem is the names have been romanised (poorly?) - I don't know what the original Korean titles were, or what to call their pages on the wiki. Help solve the mystery:

    Allowa Pongka (Korea) (Samsung Pico).md
    Bioneun Nal (Korea) (Samsung Pico).md
    Ddoddo-rang Koko-rang (Korea) (Samsung Pico).md
    Dreamland Tour (Korea) (Samsung Pico).md
    Geumdokki Eundokki (Korea) (Samsung Pico).md
    Jeulgeo-oon Pati-leul Yeolja! (Korea) (Samsung Pico).md
    Kibodeu Piko (Korea) (Samsung Pico).md
    Muat Tago Galka (Korea) (Samsung Pico).md
    The Cloud is Wizard (Korea) (Samsung Pico).md
    Tinga-wa Haenggo-eui Toongtang Toongtang Doshi (Korea) (Samsung Pico).md

    As there are ROM dumps (that can be emulated), we really ought to care.

    Also if any other dumps have turned up in the last few years, chances are Sega Retro doesn't know about them. That's something else that can be fixed.
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