Sega Pico/Beena Thread.

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    Jack shit.
    I'm actually slowly going through SEGA anime and making episode summaries for them. I've done Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls already and World Destruction/Sands of Destruction is the next one I'm doing.
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    I do remember seeing Segas name on the Crying Freeman OVAs, which are also quite old (88 to 94 according to wiki).
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    One day you'll heed my calls to arms.

    "Race ni Deyou yo! Ken-chan to Pepe Boku no Kuruma de Daibouken" (レースにでようよ! ケンちゃんとペペ ぼくのクルマで大ぼうけん)

    This needs a "Drive Pico" accessory, and there's a bundle out there that combines the two... but was this ever sold separately? Bundled Pico games don't usually have boxes with fancy cover art and barcodes.

    There's also two different Drive Pico accessories - aesthetically different, but are they functionally the same?

    I can offer an unfortunate looking Pico Mouse in return for answers:

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    this is what KLF is about Wiki Sysop
    Looks like every single Pico game has a page on Sega Retro now (save for some Korean ones?). Make them better!

    I believe we're the first website to ever accomplish this task. The total currently stands at 251.
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    this is what KLF is about Wiki Sysop
    Christ I must have been tired the other day - I came across that auction and just assumed "Japanese". Even though it's quite clearly not Japanese.

    Nice find!
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    Despite being listed as Japanese the Pico serial number ends in 16, which according to the wiki is the region code for Taiwan.
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    I recently managed to buy the UK version of Professor Pico and the Paintbox Puzzle and sent it to Team Europe to dump it, so hopefully soon we will finally have the English version of this Euro exclusive dumped.
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    Welp, this.

    Thanks, Jackie. I will have fan learning English on the Pico.

    A bit back, I recorded my first Beena game. Incidentally, also the pack-in launch Beena game.

    I also got a Pretty Cure Max Heart and a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl game. Will record them.

    I hope to grab more Beena games to record. If anyone wants to help, or if anyone wants to offer their services in ROM dumping/emulation when I need to hide these from any other fully grown men let go of them someday, then please let me know. :)/>

    I'm leaning towards getting the Meitantei Conan one next, if in part because I'm really curious about if they actually had the nerve to throw a murder case in it.

    EDIT: Also I clearly forgot to update the thread when the Taiwanese Pico games shown were ROM dumped. Sorry!
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    You've never played Canvas Curse, right? =P
  13. While I get what you're thinking with this, that minigame I was stuck on for a while wasn't even quite like that. Kirby didn't constantly fall through the line, after all.

    I think the gist of the game was that you were supposed to draw a tree for the birds to climb up to. On the harder difficulties, at least, you need a lot more/thikcer lines for the climbing to be succesful and you have to draw around other houses.

    A while back, GerbilSoft told me the Beena didn't have any hardware in common with the Pico.

    After seeing how much blatant and shameless Pico-asset rehashing Bandai managed to pull in a SINGLE Beena game, I almost find it hard to believe.
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    Stupid question... Is there any technical reason why the Beena's music sounds like Windows 95 playing MIDIs?
  16. I suppose one would have to ask Gerbil about that.

    But in general, it seems at times like the Beena's specs would line up with a Windows 95 PC, considering what I have played so far.
    Precure in particular hardly had much in regard to extra animation, voice/sound effect quality (Why the hell do they sound just as muffled as on the Pico? For Christ's sake, Sega...), or game innovation.

    The Windows MIDI sound is easily the most disappointing aspect... It sounds like a subversion of the Pico sound evolution I was expecting.
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    I wanted to share an ebay auction that I came across. Seller has two complete Japanese copies of Sonic the Hedgehog Gameworld for sale, $25 +$4 shipping:


    I had already bought the game off ebay a few years back, so I have interest in this auction but I am certain some of you here might be so I figured I'd share it. $29 for the game is a sweet deal, given how rarely it appears on ebay.

    I noticed the game is green in color, whereas mine is yellow. I know some of you have been keeping track of color variations on Pico games so I wasn't sure if that was new info or not.
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    Hum, this topic could be useful.
    Since long ago, I've got a exemplary of japanese Sonic Gameworld but I don't know it can used on american/european pico or I need to import a japanese one.
    In short, is the pico region locked ?
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  20. Link's down on my end. Here's the proper link: