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Sega PC Reloaded

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Korama, Apr 2, 2015.

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    Thank you very much. I just got a new PC so I'm interested in getting as many old games running on it as possible and my ROG Strix motherboard PC can't do hardware based virtual machines as there is no option to turn on the ability in the BIOS. If I ever try to do a virtual machine I will have to grab an older discontinued version of VM software that supported software emulation of the old OS's. Also my version of Windows on here is 10 Home, where I'd need Professional to access Microsoft's version of VM capability.

    I wonder if Google Drive just started requiring permissions by default all of a sudden so anyone who wants to share stuff freely has to go back in and manually change everything? That messes up things people uploaded and shared years ago. I saw the same problem recently with a Google hosted playable Chip mod for Sonic World.
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    Can anybody re-upload this archive with higher-quality sound effects and a new intro video for Sonic CD?
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    I am really interested in possibly porting Sonic 3D Blast: Director's Cut to the PC and Sega Saturn versions.
    I also hope I can restore some of the missing visual effects from the Saturn version to the PC version.
    Unfortunately, I have little to no modding experience so I can't quite promise it, and I don't have enough time to study the modding between the games. Though I have great ideas, I really need to learn how to mod the games and make my ideas real.
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    It might be prudent to mirror these files on PC Gaming Wiki too, especially since it points to the dead link at the beginning of this thread. (I'd tend to suggest creating a torrent too but that can be a bit of a pain if nobody's seeding.)

    So yeah, basically due to a security vulnerability Google invalidated all public GDrive links ever made, meaning that people now have to send you an email to gain access. I have an important link over on the archived AssemblerGames forum that gets several requests per month, and since it's archived I can't go back and update. :( Let's try not to spam Korama's inbox with requests okay? Let's just share the mirrors around to other messageboards that ask about it.

    I remember when this project first came out. I was reminded of it recently because I wanted to check if this worked with the PC port of Comix Zone too, but it appears the project has been largely abandoned. It's a shame the source code wasn't made available too so we could pick it back up.
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    Fully agreed! If he'd made it available under GPL2 it could've even helped him since anyone who contributes is required to forward any changes back to him.
  8. Bobblen


    The next addition was gonna be Bug!, there are some screenshots of it working somewhere in the thread. Don't think korama has been around for a long time now though. Still, for the 4 games it supports it's an outstanding piece of software. Particularly Ecco and Sonic CD are completely unplayable on modern windows without it.
  9. Graxer


    Has anyone had any luck getting this (particularly Sonic 3D, as it is the only Sonic game of the collection without a better PC version) working on the Steam Deck? When I try to run Sonic 3D I get a piracy message and it refuses to start. This is when using a genuine copy of the game and the same files I use on my PC without any issues. I assume it is a proton issue triggering the error and that the error is a piracy check from the original release of the game.
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    I suspect that whatever method Sega PC Reloaded is using to inject its custom version of directdraw.dll into the game isn't compatible with Wine. It sounds like the game is just trying to start without the Sega PC Reloaded changes applied.
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    I think there's a way to override Wine/Proton's default handling of stuff like ddraw.dll?