Sega of Japan Sound Documents and SMPS Source Code

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    Presenting, official Mega Drive/YM2612 sound development documents and SMPS (Z80 and 68000+Z80 variant) sound driver source code that was used by Sega of Japan! There are tons of interesting goodies to find, including documents and sample files that details many aspects of sound development (including a sound editor).


    Huge thanks to Frank Cifaldi from The Video Game History Foundation for helping us preserve these almost 30 year old floppies!

    Enjoy. :)

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  2. MarkeyJester


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    Nice, it's only taken over 30 years!! My props to those involved in obtaining these~

    Also, the English translation of the manual was intentionally missing this:


    "This is a test register. Not used in user applications."

    Hehehe, they knew it was there but was told not to use it~ d;

    I say as a potential project, someone should go through and translate all of these pages 1:1 to English, because clearly there's information that's been mistranslated or outright not included in the English versions of the documents.
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    This was like finding the "Ark of Covenant" with the "Tablets of the Law" inside... Amazing! ...
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    So who's going to be the first person to rig these up so we can hear these samples?