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Sega Mega CD BIOS Collection

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Hendricks266, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. NOTE: Newer version, see below.

    I recently downloaded a collection of console BIOSs, and with the usual personal updates I make to things like this, I ran into a problem. Some of these have odd letters on the ends that I have no idea what they stand for. In addition, some BIOSs work for regions other than what (I think) they are supposed to. Should this be reflected in their file names?

    Sega Mega CD BIOS Set v1.7z

    Code (Text):
    1. Mega CD (E) - M1 V1.00.bin
    2. Mega CD (E) - M2 V2.00 ().bin
    3. Mega CD (E) - M2 V2.00.bin
    4. Mega CD (E) - M2 V2.00w.bin
    5. Mega CD (J(E)) - M1 V1.00s.bin
    6. Mega CD (J(UE)) - M2 V2.00 ().bin
    7. Mega CD (J) - M1 V1.00p.bin
    8. Sega CD (U) - M1 V1.10.bin
    9. Sega CD (U) - M2 V2.00 (Non-Working).bin
    10. Sega CD (U) - M2 V2.00w.bin
    11. Sega CD (U) - M2 V2.11x (2.00).bin
    12. Sega CD (U) - M2 V2.21.bin
    13. X'EYE (JUE) - V2.00.bin
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    being an asshole =P
    Japanese v2.00 BIOS? You just made my day =D *downloads*

    But no idea. Maybe they're hacked or something? Do the BIOS screens show up the letters in the version numbers in the splash screen too?
  3. That and the X'EYE BIOS were put up on Sonic Cult a while ago.

    Those letters do not show up on the screen when booted.

    On a side note, the last (U) BIOS is pretty interesting. Instead of waiting for the default amount of time (without presssing start) and then loading the game, it checks the disc and loads in a second.
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    I know that different regions have a different looking boot up interface but what was changed apart from those in each version? there is like v 1.0 1.1 and 2.0 etc.

    Just some sort of behind the scenes bug fix?
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    Mostly adjusting for new hardware, I think. Or new revisions of hardware.
  6. New version.

    Datel CDX Pro BIOS v1.70 (199x)
    Datel CDX Pro BIOS v1.8i (199x)
    Datel CDX Pro BIOS v1.8i (199x)
    JVC X'EYE (JUE) - v2.00
    Mega-CD (E) - Model 1 v1.00 (1992)
    Mega-CD (E) - Model 2 v2.00 (1993) [b1]
    Mega-CD (E) - Model 2 v2.00 (1993)
    Mega-CD (E) - Model 2 v2.00 (1993)
    Mega-CD (E) - Model 2 v2.00w (1993)
    Mega-CD (J(E)) - Model 1 v1.00s (1991)
    Mega-CD (J(UE)) - Model 2 v2.00 (1993)
    Mega-CD (J) - Model 1 v1.00p (1991)
    Sega CD (U) - Model 1 v1.10 (1992)
    Sega CD (U) - Model 2 v2.00 (1993)
    Sega CD (U) - Model 2 v2.00w (1993) [h]
    Sega CD (U) - Model 2 v2.00w (1993)
    Sega CD (U) - Model 2 v2.11x (1993)
    Sega CD (U) - Model 2 v2.11x (2.00) (1993)
    Sega CDX (U) - v2.21x (1993)
    Sega CDX (U) - v2.21x (1993)

    I've incorporated new BIOS files from another set, which also had more detailed tags for some of the files.

    Here's a new link to the older version, for the curious.
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    You might want to add in the Laseractive bios files as well.
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    Yes. Search for 'propotion for sega cd owners' and you'll find it.

    The v2.21 bios is the Multimega bios.
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    What the fuck... seriously, why not just add this to that topic, I am the one who as been getting this together. Also, delete the Datel Pro CDX, that is a piece of crap name for a piece of crap product, it is not a BIOS. Redo your list with what you see here: All of those are confirmed good dumps.