SEGA launches the Sonic 2020 project, promises to release Sonic news on the 20th of every month

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  1. Vangar


    So no english subtitles, and nothing on the 2020 project?

    Why hype this? I'm totally jaded already from this franchise, this doesn't help. Don't announce an announcement every 20th, have us wait a month for nothing.
  2. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Christ... Why am I seeing people react like this all over? The Japanese Sonic social media made a small announcement. Nothing was played up to be big or particularly significant.

    There were no English subtitles because this was a Japanese equivalent of the streams that SEGA America does. The announcements were only Japanese merchandise because it was just a simple, fun, Japanese stream. If it was going to be anything significant, SEGA would have drawn attention to it and it wouldn't have been Japanese only.

    Nobody hyped this except some over-eager fans.
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    Maybe because the title of this thread states "promises to release Sonic news on the 20th of every month". Alongside that if they just wanted to launch a fun little podcast they should have announced it as such, not 'the sonic2020 project' like it's something big.

    I dunno, i guess I had a small bit of hope that they would expose their development a little earlier and get feedback to actually make a good game this time around. Like I thought maybe the design change in the movie might have shocked them into taking development a little differently this time.

    It's disappointing nothing has changed so far.
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    I would like a transcript and translation tho. It's nice seeing a couple of the faces behind Sonic talk about random shit, like food.
  5. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Did you look at any of the sources though or anything more than the thread title? Cause it gives no details of specifics, and all signs point to it being small. When was the last time SEGA announced any major Sonic news and kept it all to the Japanese twitter page?

    We've no idea when the next game might be announced or released yet, and no indication that they're changing any approaches to putting out games of better quality. Wait and see, and don't have expectations that anything is going to change until you've got solid reasons for thinking so.

    I'm just fed up with people being disappointed about news and announcements that were never really on the cards. When big news is coming for Sonic, it's rarely just out of the blue.

    Sonic games are always disappointing enough without setting yourself up with false hype to enhance your disappointment. We should all be jaded enough to know that :V
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    For anyone disappointed, as has been mentioned before, this is very much a Japanese focused thing and yes, there isn't gonna be English subtitles for a live stream like this. While yes, Sonic has had limited focus in the Japanese market since about 2007 or so, Sega this year seems to intend to try and push Sonic harder there this year. They really have, honestly. Likely due to this year being the first turn of a century in a new Era for Japan (as they'd just entered Reiwa) and this year is focused on revivals, sequels, and reboots. Plus, with the movie coming out, Sega's Japanese side likely hopes for a lot more attention while riding on this.

    There was some neat stuff announced on the merchandising side, most while intended for Japan, there's a couple things we know are coming (specifically some of the shoes), and we did get some cool discussion between the two hosts (which I hope someone takes the time to translate at some point). Plus the compilation album is also a nice thing, too.

    These live streams are pretty standard fair for what Japan does, plus a much nicer set up than some other big companies live streams like this. There will likely be bigger announcements down the road, but this was admittedly the first stream they did (which even had some growing pains for the people working on it). I didn't expect anything super big and really, most of the announcements were really within my expectations.

    I'm overall happy with what we got out of it, honestly. I do wonder if they'll come up with a name for the Sound Section, though, since they couldn't figure out one by the time they live streamed, haha.

    That said, there'll be at least 10 more of these this year. You have plenty of times for some notable announcements or other things they'll show off/discuss.
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  8. Gestalt


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    Hey folks, look who's there. ^^
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  9. MH MD

    MH MD

    given that the stream will air in 27th instead of the supposed 20th, is it possible that we will have the info that sxsw event was supposed to have? if not, what are they even going to talk about? given that the information is supposed to be something in April
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if they moved it to the end of March. Everyone's stuck in their homes because of Coronavirus so they could really leverage how bored people probably are. Also I'm really hoping for an Adventure rerelease because I've been replaying it in Dolphin and it's insane how well it plays with a Switch controller.
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    I wish they would just release the trailer for the next Sonic game and be done with it.

    Not every Sonic game has to be announced at a live event... I always saw that as kinda obnoxious tbh. I respect the social media crew, but I couldn't care less about the latest weird collaboration or cringy fan questions, I just want to know about the latest Sonic game. For previous years it wasn't really a big deal, you just had to wait for the live event and the trailers for upcoming games/dlc/etc would be uploaded on the YouTube channel.

    But now we reached a point where news on the next Sonic game are effectively being held hostage until they can get the social media guys together safely... it's kind of asinine. Just release the damn trailer on Youtube. Especially since it's probably going to be yet another 30 seconds teaser anyway.
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  13. Beltway


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    Sonic projects missing their original release window seems to be the rule rather than the exception for the entire franchise over the past few years, so I can't say this was even mildly unexpected. This whole coronavirus business was probably just speeding up or enforcing an inevitable outcome.

    The only real negative is that this leaves those who already had too much free time on their hands to create more believable and/or post a larger quantity of "leaks" of the next Sonic game because there is literally nothing else to discuss. Especially since in some areas, people are being forced by quarantine at home nowadays.
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    Assuming that they even WERE going to announce the next game. I mean, I'd hope so, what with the 30th next year, but... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I assume nothing happened yesterday?
  16. Sid Starkiller

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    On 4/20? Of course not!
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    Many a game.
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    What the heck may SEGA be planning this time?