SEGA launches the Sonic 2020 project, promises to release Sonic news on the 20th of every month

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by DreamsComeBlue, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. Probably, but it's still a terrible marketing strategy.
  2. No, it is. My uncle who works at Microsoft knows a guy who works at Sega, and the guy who works at Sega knows Takashi Iizuka, and Iizuka said that for the next Sonic game Ken Penders is adapting The Lara-Su Chronicles, which is going to delay the graphic novel's release for another 20 years. But hey, he also said they're bringing back Elise.
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  3. Damn that 2020 graphic they've release looks dated.

    Is this really how they want to present their main (and probably only) money spinner in 2020?

    Try again
  4. SuperSnoopy


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    I don’t think Sonic is their main money spinner anymore, and I don’t think he’s been for a long time.
  5. True, although it should be :)

    I guess I'm just a bit fed up with this 'modern' graphic style which, imo, looks extremely dated these days.

    Needs a good redesign. Or as we know, the Mania designs (old JP artwork) still looks fantastic and should be used at every opportunity
  6. Classic Sonic was used in an era of analog video with a great difference between monitors around the world, controlling perfect hues wasn't really practical. The design documents for classic Sonic use
    Cyan 100 Magenta 40/Pantone 30005C as his color which is considerably lighter all more 'greenish' than the usual C100 M80 seen for modern Sonic.

    Mania team (and Generations team) just used this as a reference.

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  7. Pengi


    Do we know when that dates back to?

    The line art was seen in Sonic Jam, but I think the earliest place we've seen the colour guide version is the 2009 art assets DVD.

    For what it's worth, this was the colour guide for Sonic from Sega of America's "Sonic the Hedgehog and His Pals Official Stylebook & Character Manual", circa 1994.


    (image courtesy of Buyatari)
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  8. II II

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  9. Pengi


    Very interesting! Where did we get that one from?
  10. Dek Rollins

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    Official color sheets are all fine and dandy, but that doesn't change the fact that in actual practice, Sonic's color was not consistent, and was frequently (even in the actual games) a pure blue tone very comparable to modern Sonic renders from the past decade. The American Sonic 1 art is inconsistent on the same box!


    EDIT: Looking at my Japanese boxes right now (in natural light), and the art seems consistently printed on these. Just eyeballing it they seem comparable to c100 m50. So perhaps in Japan this was more consistent than in the west.
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  11. Sid Starkiller

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    So I understand they may have changed their mind on the shade and crossed out the numbers...

    ...but why is Sega crossed out, too?
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    Makes me wonder if the colours of Classic and Modern Sonic somewhat tallying with the different blues of the Japanese and Western Sega logos was intentional or a happy coincidence.
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    garish inconsistency in western Sonic artwork? perish the thought. :p

    The item crossed out underneath the Sega logo says "SEGA COLOR" in katakana, then "wo" and the makeup of the color (that is, "SEGA COLOR IS [technical color info]" maybe?). Seems like they floated the explicit idea of having him match the blue in the Sega logo, but then decided against it.
  14. SEGACast


    It's sort of sudden to see SEGA announcing Sonic News every month, but perhaps the reason behind that could be because it's the new decade or because it's the Year of the Mouse, (Needlemouse, anyone?)

    I'm not expecting much when it comes to big news, but I'm expecting something having to do with the movie next month, it's a bit soon to guess what would be coming afterwards, however.

    I think the one thing we should keep in mind is that SEGA announced last year that they were working on another sonic game, whether they started working on it then or a year or two before-hand is unknown, but it's been hyped up that it's a new Sonic Adventure title, so that's been keeping the community up and running I suppose.

    So I guess all we can do is just wait patiently for SXSW and E3 to come along for bigger news. Remember; The longer it takes for anything to be announced, the better the project will be in the long run.
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    For any other developer maybe, but for Sonic Team...nah.
    I liked Forces and all but even then it's pretty obvious the game was rushed out and severely lacked content, despite being the first 3d sonic game in 4 years.
    Sonic Team has showed us that time is of little value to them, so at this point I'd prefer if they just announced and released a game every two years or so. This longer schedule in between major releases didn't amount to much for Forces, and I doubt It'll amount to much for whatever next Sonic game they're working on.

    edit: of course, that doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to the next game they're working on. Again, I LIKED Forces. I just don't think the extra development time will make this next release a super polished, content-packed masterpiece.
  16. Multi Battler

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    The days pass slowly, let’s hope there’s more to come! I’m talking KNUCKLES2020, SHADOW2020, ROUGE2020, and so forth.
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    If this is a game, My guess is that they are developing the game in the US like what was done with some of the Genesis games. I’m hoping for proper physics based gameplay this time around.

    Bonus time!!
    And my “DEAR GOD NO GUESS!!!” This new game is going to be tied to the new Sonic movie.
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  18. These two aren't mutually exclusive. On the contrary, I think the latter has the best chance of fulfilling the former. Usually movie tie-ins are farmed out to some low-bidding bush league outfit, and sometimes--sometimes--these developers are champing at the bit to prove themselves and are competent enough to pull miracles off.

    Think Spider-Man 2, or Speed Racer Wii.

    Also, I would think that a cash-grab tie-in would stop Sonic Team from interfering for numerous reasons.
  19. Beltway


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    Apparently that didn’t stop them from fudging around with Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric’s production.
  20. Sonic Boom was Sega's baby, though. My assumption is the hypothetical tie-in would be Paramount's, who'd keep Sega at arm's length because that's the sort of thing big Hollywood outfits do.