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SEGA is doing a live stream with a Sonic Team segment

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Neowl


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    It kind of reminds me of the blue Puzzle Bobble Dino (don't know the name as I'm not in the loop with that series).

    I doubt it's a Chao, as I fail to see any reasoning behinda redesign for what is assumed as the third game in the Adventure series. I mean, there wasn't any need to give 'em a redesign between Adventure and 2, so some redesign would kind-of screw with continuity (before people go all "BAWW GREEN EYES" on me as an argument, it isn't the same. The Adventure series are self contained IMO, just as the classics are).
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    Jack shit.
    The chao did become different between Adventure and Adventure 2 though. Nothing drastic though.
  3. Dark Sonic

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    I feel like a chao redesign wouldn't be too out of the question. Besides Cheese, they haven't had an important role since Sonic Adventure 2. A redesign would be at least one way to reintroduce them after 11 years.

    Only thing is though that design is so inconsistent with anything Sonic.
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    New Sonic redesign for Sonic Adventure 3: Dementions, first @Fluffy Kittens.
  5. Dark Sonic

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    Working on my art! so this popped up on sega of Japan's twitter. I can't ready Japanese, but I did see the word TGS pop up, which I assume means Tokyo game show. Also saw the word japeo but I don't know what that means. Is this a hint or just something stupid

    Edit: ok this post didn't mention tgs but another one on their twitter
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    According to Google Translate:
  7. nesboy43


    Before I read what the poster said, that picture definitely looked like a Chao to me. I think it's a bit strange that since Generations (November 2011) we haven't had any announcements on the next Sonic game. This means that for about 2 years we haven't had any main Sonic game announced. If it does turn out that they are making a Sonic Adventure 3, I would hope that they would radically depart from the design decisions that made those games unplayable in this day and age. Even the story of SA1 and 2 is poorly done. I like the look of the levels and the music in the Adventure series but actually playing them is a chore. If it plays like SA1 or SA2 it could turn out pretty bad.

    Isn't Sonic 06 pretty much the same as Adventure 3 anyways? I could've sworn at one point that was the game's title. I was hoping that after Generations they would go back to using Classic Sonic but I suppose that was a long shot.
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    As far as I can decipher that Engrish, it's inviting people to the event involving Sonic, but no new title. I think they're referring to the panel Sega is holding at AOD 2013 about Sonic, which Aaron Webber says there will be no new Sonic game announcement mentioned.

    Guess that means more waiting.
  9. TimmiT


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    I highly doubt that they'd talk about an American event like that. Besides that, it's talking about this:
  10. Jason


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    For whatever reason, I mistook JAEPO as a translation error :specialed: . Still, AOD and JAEPO are on the same day, both with official SEGA people in tow. I would like to think if they were going to announce a Sonic game, it would make sense if they were going to announce the game at both of these venues, rather than just one of them. Hell, at least talking about the games that would have been announced a few times zones prior to another event with your Brand Manager would make some sense.
  11. TimmiT


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    Ruby Eclipse already said that there won't be any announcements at his thing.
  12. Hukos


    Do you guys even know what a Red Herring is? :P
  13. Of course we do, it's a hint to a new Sonic character who's red :specialed:

    But seriously, I think we all know not much is gonna happen yet, but it's fun to speculate anyways.
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    As VSVoidSpartan mentioned in chat, it's probably a character from Animal Crossing 3DS:

  15. Okay, Febriary's over, where's SA3, or S4E3, or what was that Red Herring anagramme stuff all about? Don't tell me it was for Sonic Dash.
  16. If the topic of this worry is still about SA3 I don't think we will be seeing SA3 for quite some time, I actually have started just accepting whatever Sega gives us. I'm not hoping and waiting for SA3 like Valve fans wait and cry for Half Life 3. So maybe this is for Sonic Dash, maybe not, but whatever it is, I'm sure I will still wholeheartedly enjoy it.