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SEGA is doing a live stream with a Sonic Team segment

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jan 28, 2013.

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    You may have called it, actually. I'm now hearing rumours that the next generation Sonic game for HD platforms is Sonic Adventure 3; whilst Aaron's off to Texas to see Retro Studios regarding a Wii U exclusive Sonic game. There are absolutely zero major gaming events scheduled in Texas until at least a month from now. The only notable gaming presence there is Retro Studios. Yes it's a massive stretch but it does have a degree of logical plausibility to it. Keep in mind it was Sega who gave Nintendo Bayonetta 2 as a Wii U exclusive along with the fact that Nintendo platforms always receive a special and exclusive Sonic game (Secret Rings, Colours etc.). The plot thickens.
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    Hank Hill DLC for All-Stars Racing Transformed confirmed. :v:
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    First, Sonic Adventure 3 is really just a name, it would make no sense for Sonic Team to go back to the Adventure gameplay style.

    Second, Sonic Unleashed's working title for a time was also Sonic Adventure 3.
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    Nope, he's just some random dude running a Dutch Nintendo fansite instead. :v:

    Honestly, I do think SEGA is going to make or is making a game called Sonic Adventure 3. The games have so many fans that they may as well bank on it. However, it's better to wait for an official announcement or something that pretty much confirms it.
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    I'm not sure what to think. I was dead-convinced at the beginning of 2011 that the next game would be SA3 and it turned out not to be the case. With Aaron telling us something, I can finally start getting excited over the next game. Hope the announcement is sooner rather than later.
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    Is there any possibility that Adventure 3 would take place after Adventure 2, but before Heroes? Shadow would still be dead, and the only remotely important plot point would be Metal Sonic's Neo form.
  7. Sonic Adventure 2 is in the number 2 spot on the list of top selling PSN games right now, and it's been floating around there since it was re-released. I think SEGA's looking at that and saying "we could cash in on this." The next Sonic game is going to be nothing like Adventure 1 and 2, instead of different play styles all characters are going to play like Sonic (akin to the rumor), and the plot is going to be deeper than Generations and Colors, because lets face it, story was the focus of the Adventure games.

    06's biggest flaw was it's attempt at making Sonic into a LOTR style fantasy game. Kingdoms? Princesses? Fire beasts? No. The Sonic Adventure games were "realistic". Sonic and friends lived in the real world, and the mythology was based on real civilizations. If this new Sonic game can give us the same gameplay from Generations with a storyline on-par with the Adventure games (maybe not as grimdark, but a little deeper than Colors), I'll be happy.

    Really what I'd like to see is another Night of the Werehog style short film, they need to make more of those.
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    I think you hit the nail on the head. Generations' gameplay is fantastic, and further refinement of the formula is pretty much a given for whatever the next game is. I want a deeper story in Sonic games, but the series is obviously not meant to have a deeply engrained, epic narrative. But an Adventure-style story would be a welcome return, with the great writing of Colors/Generations.

    The problem with Adventure and Adventure 2's story was not the story itself, but poor execution in the presentation of the narrative. But if SA3 (if this is the next game) was to take that story structure with a narrative written by solid writers such as in Generations and Colors, we could potentially have the best story Sonic has ever told, in any media it has inhabited.
  9. Guys I just heard that Sega are going to announce Sonic and Mario go to the Monaco Grand Prix, Bernie Ecclestone is in Texas at the moment and thats where press conference is. And I'm not some random guy off the internet. I am thinking about doing a Youtube thing. Oh Yeah.

    Seriously though as much as I kinda want to see the Adventure gameplay come back and no matter how many people I would kill for Sega to play as Knuckles again. There have been two games that would have got the Adventure 3 name and enough of the gameplay elements (STH06 and Unleashed) and neither did. So unless Sega are announcing a Dreamcast 2 platform with Sonic Adventure 3 the next game wont be called Sonic Adventure 3.
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    Calling for a big announcement on June 23rd 2013.
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    Sonic Adventure 3

    Sonic Adventure 4

    Shouldn't this game be SA5, assuming it even IS using the name? =P (Chao Gardens can fuck right off if this really IS SA3, though.)
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    So much hate for the Chao Garden bro. Your Chao was a lazy SoB that couldn't win an event, right? Or maybe it was always frowning when you tried to pet it, like an ungrateful cat.

    Are you cat person, OL?
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    Not sure if just poking fun but I share his sentiments that Chao have no place in Sonic games.
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    In many ways the Adventure games and '06 were an exercise in cashing in on what was considered "cool" at the time, like Tony Hawk and Pokemon. Well... fuck that! Let Adventure 3 (if it happens) be its own, unique thing... I.e. a fucking Sonic game.

    Failing that, I hope it takes after the first Adventure than the (fucking awful) second one.

    I can't say I have too much of an emotional attachment to the Adventures (even though I like 1), so for those that do, I REALLY hope Sega doesn't royally fuck you over like they did to us with Sonic 4.
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    Actually I briefly went in the garden for 2 minutes, got bored EXTREMELY quickly and went back to smashing robots. You know, like you do in Sonic games. =P
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    I agree with Jason. That's been happening more often than my comfort zone allows. ;) If Sega were to release a literal SA3, they'd better do it right. Imagine if the franchise got its own sprawling Super Mario Galaxy equivalent. I don't mean the setting in space – and I know Jason will agree right back at me on that one! – but just a new flagship game, done right. Not a throwback, not a relatively small blast of fun like Colours, just a huge game that takes enough of the old stuff and enough well-designed new stuff and blends them together in just the right way. I'm being intentionally vague because I have no idea how that should be done, but it should be done. :v: I shan't hold my breath, mind you.

    Also, Aerosol's post gave me chuckles, FWIW. New avatar purely coincidental
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    Not sure if teaser, or Troll.

    Edit: If this is real, the Youtube channel and its videos kind-of indicate that this is some kind of viral marketing on SoA's part, I mean the description to this video is "Red Herring" and the descriptions of the two other videos in the cannel each have Capitalised, and cryptic messages.

    The uploader has the username SonicTeamTexas, is this of any relevance to anyone?
  18. It looks intriguing and all, the music is cool and mysterious. If it is real, I wonder what similarity may remain between the eventual game? Sounds more similar to the old style of music, which I prefer. Just doesn't really look official to me, and I can't find another source...
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    The video quality of that video and the fact that it's just on some random YouTube channel tells me it's fake. Could be wrong though.
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    There's some really bored Sonic fans out there.

    That can't be official or SEGA can't use commas.