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    I'm pretty disappointed with how they've done things too. I still can't believe DiabloHead left! (It's StuBlad btw).

    The entire game overall had promise but they've taken a wrong turn somewhere and now there's nothing really keeping people coming back for more.
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    Yeah they pissed off a large chunk of the userbase with balance changes, and they even removed some things that I felt were interesting (like enemy versions of playable characters using regular attacks if their color was matched during an enemy cascade). At least they're giving some franchises some fresh love, like Streets of Rage and Golden Axe.
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    Sorry for the guild leave, we held out for like half a year? it was really fun.

    The biggest problem with this game is how the rich get richer but the average player gets fed bredcrumbs, you just can't catch up or compete. Any time they seem to add a better way to earn gold (boss battles) they 'balance' it by removing something else like the daily stages with no sign of that coming back if at all.

    A big issue is how they give out characters, because they are card based and you need X amount to rank them up you'll never get a new unit to blue star status unless you over spend, there is a huge reason why arena is nothing but free to play units as new characters just can't compete at their power levels.

    The other daily gacha I play is dokkan battle and while that doesn;t have pvp its a game where they learned to reward the player now and again, compared to it's launch 3+ years ago it's a really good game with both challenge and reward.