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Sega Forever

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by High Fidelity, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Cooljerk


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    Just a heads up that the RetroArch people now are pretty adamant that their stuff wasn't used.
  2. Dissent


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    Overlay needs configuration options and the performance is absurd. My performance governor max-clock custom ROM Galaxy S5 should be running this fine.
  3. ICEknight


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    • 100 Mb per Mega Drive game (50 in device storage, 50 in SD card)
    • Controls lag as if using wireless controllers
    • No 60 frames per second
    • Blurry graphics

    They must be trolling us.
  4. Mentski


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    Well, isn't this a jolly old mess. If this is what emulated Mega Drive games are like, how on earth do they think they're going to handle Saturn and Dreamcast?

    Add to that the "updated" version of Taxman's Sonic 1: Now with bloatware wrapper, intrusive app permissions, and a broken option to reclaim your purchase. Great!

    I think we can safely say the best thing to come out of Sega Forever is the promotional mixtape.
  5. Cooljerk


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    You have to be online to play the Taxman sonic ports. I use an Nvidia Shield Portable to play these games, it's basically my Android gaming platform because it has physical controls. It has no internet connection, it's wifi only. Meaning I can no longer play these games outside the house. I've owned these for years, and I frequently will throw my shield in my backpack if I'm going on a trip to play them on the go. I've poured hundreds of hours into them over the last couple of years. This update kills my purchase.

    This really sucks.
  6. Jason


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    "Restore Purchase" option currently just has you redownload Version 2.1.1 of Sonic 1 Android, rather than updating this ad-included Version 3.0.0 to remove ads. I hope that's not intentional.
  7. Cooljerk


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    I hope Sega sees these complaints and actually works to make them better. Despite the technical hickups, Sega Forever is an awesome concept, especially if it comes to non-mobile platforms. Perhaps this mobile roll-out is like testing the waters?
  8. Jason


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    Notifications with character.
    I clicked on it, and the game crashed, so...
  9. Turbohog


    Damn. Is this the reason Sonic CD has been off the google play store for a year? So they can replace it with a crappy free to play version?
  10. Glaber


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    If it is, you're better off getting Sonic CD for free off of Amazon's Store instead. No ads at all!

    If "forever" crashes and burns, I just hope we get ports of the Stealth Tax Sonic remakes for the switch. I'll gladly pay for being able to play add free, on an actual game system.
  11. Cooljerk


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    A service meant to celebrate all bits of Sega history, begins by quoting nintendo games.
  12. Crappy Blue

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    That is really uncanny. Like, yes, that phrase is ingrained in popular culture now, but it's still very much associated with Super Mario Bros. and Nintendo. It feels weird.
  13. Rika Chou

    Rika Chou

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    I feel like every game shouldn't be a separate app. A single app that's basically an emulator front-end that's able to download roms would have works better than each game being a separate >50MB app...
  14. DarkVDee


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    Good lord, Sega please, what's going on with you? You're finally doing something great and now look at this mess!

    Thank God I grab S1&2 Remastered before this happened
  15. Performance isn't too bad on my device (Moto G5) but that sound emulation is terrible. I know they couldn't secure retroarch due to license disagreements, but surely they could have done better than emulation wrappers via Unity.

    DGen is BSD licensed and has better emulation than this, so there were other options available.

    I like the idea of Sega Forever, but the actual implementation just isn't good.
  16. Is this going already? I just thought to check, and the app store on iPhone has

    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic CD (Yeah, I know it was already free)
    Crazy Taxi
    Altered Beast
    Phantasy Star II
    Comix Zone
    Kid Chameleon

    ...all for free. Oddly enough, Sonic 2 is still costing money. I already own the first three on the list on various other forms, but I've never played Altered Beast through Kid Chameleon. (I grew up with Nintendo systems. My parents wouldn't let me buy a Sega system, saying what I had was good enough.) Given I'd be playing it in this state (do we get save states?), are those four worth it?
  17. biggestsonicfan


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    They are truly showing us how Sega will be remembered... FOREVER...

    EDIT: Navigated to the Sega Forever site. Clicked on the Android Sonic 1 link:
  18. Certainly a less than desirable start... Sonic 1 runs worse on my phone now, but so does any app that tries to load those good awful ads. It's not unplayable, but getting to the point where I can, ya know, play takes quite a bit longer.

    Still, wanna remain optimistic and hope we'll get some SEGA Saturn love. Way too many good games trapped on the system.
  19. biggestsonicfan


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    ALWAYS Sonic the Fighters
    Found S1 on the play store. I see a note in the updates:
    Restore purchase on popup will lead users to store page of old premium version

    They are aware of the issue... but did not apply it in the patch I guess?

    EDIT: This was my first time playing S1 in this form. I didn't particularly enjoy it's interface with the Enter icon being the "back" button as well as the "Remove Ads" icon as well. The game seemed to run smooth, albeit the controls were seemingly par for the course for any mobile game with a touchdisplay joystick, so gameplay was slightly difficult. Ran into fixed bugs from the original and a bug or two from the game itself but it could have been poor control inputs not sure. The Privacy/Terms are what I consider manuals these days so I combed through it and I really can't agree to what Sega wants from me just by putting this on my phone, so I uninstalled and probably won't be playing any of the Sega Forever stuff again due to that, but this is personal choice and I am not saying there's anything bad in there.
  20. AH man, this sucks.

    Saw the awesome 90's ad on facebook and thought 'not bad, free ports, I mean, everyone uses emulators these days anyway'. Then I find they have screwed with 1, 2 & CD.

    Haven't had them on my phone for a while (so I don't know who long it's been this way), but makes me rage how they can spoil such beautiful remasters of the classics with ads and the like. Must be a bit of a kick in the teeth for Tax & Stealth.

    What a shame.