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SEGA Forever: Streets of Rage (iOS/Android)

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by caffeinedreamer, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. MykonosFan


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    I've gotten to meddle with the release some on an iPhone 7+. Noticing some slight jitters and very brief skips here and there under normal circumstances, but it's an improvement over the initial SEGA Forever launch and I'm expecting things to continue to get better as the initiative progresses. It's been interesting watching it plug along, I'm hoping in a year we can look back at a well-performing, diverse catalog of Forever entries and appreciate how far it's come since then. Appreciate you dropping by, caffeinedreamer.
  2. ICEknight


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    Okay, why does the paid app keep sending annoying random notifications with cute messages?

    Is there really a point to it, other than reminding the user to uninstall the app? Does SEGA have an actual Annoyances R&D Department in which this idea was conceived?

    ^ That's what should have happened.
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    Can I just say, that's an atrociously ugly user interface. Remember when Sega of America used to pride themselves on their test department?

    The rewind button is a high resolution graphic.

    The save button is a low resolution graphic, stretched and filtered until it looks about the same size.

    The D-Pad and buttons are high resolution graphics, but have gradients, so don't match the rewind button.

    The "Watch an ad to get more continues?" text is high resolution.

    The "CONFIRM", "YES" and "NO" text is low resolution, this time unfiltered (technically the "X" button has an even lower resolution!)

    The popup and buttons themselves have been given a pixelated look on purpose, but the pixels are distorted because the scaling isn't producing a round number. The pseudo-pixels are also a different size to the ones in the actual game. It's also a distinctly un-Sega look.

    There is a blue border on the right hand side of the screenshot, but not the left.

    Come on, lads.
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    Hey ICEknight, thanks for all this feedback again - have passed it on! Perhaps we can remove incentivised ads for Streets of Rage like we have with the rewind feature. I'll run it by the team. Will suggest the same for the level select too!

    We're always striving to improve stability MykonosFan - thanks for your patience!

    Hey ICEknight, these notifications are opt-in: you must have selected that you want to see them when you first opened the game. If this isn't the case, please let me know! I'm afraid I wrote them!

    Have passed this on to the team Black Squirrel - thanks for the in-depth feedback!

    Thanks again for playing folks - we really do appreciate your views, which is why I'm here! :)/>
  5. ICEknight


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    I don't think I was ever prompted for that. I assume there's an option somewhere to opt out?

    ...What are they for, anyway? Do they give you something? Do they inform you of anything new that's available?
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    From reading your posts I assume you're part of the SEGA Forever team? Thank you and the team for bringing SoR1 to phones. I haven't played much of it due to my phone going batshit but from what I've played I enjoy it better than the previous mobile release. I'm looking forward to the other games coming to mobile in the future. :)

    A few questions that may be a stretch but I feel I feel would be worth asking.

    - Have you guys considered doing an official release of Bare Knuckle Mobile? I know it was an okay remake at best but I would've enjoyed it as a mobile game, I thought of doing a remake of it (a remake of a remake heh) at one point.

    - Is it possible to add a different style of touch screen controls? The recently released brawler Beat Street did a pretty good job at creating a control scheme that utilizes tap and swipe. Worth a look, I think it would do great for SoR1, not entirely sure for it's successors considering the mechanics introduced.

    - While I'm on the fence about the new rewards system, I understand why it's there. However, I wanted to know if there were any plans to patch out being able to use cop calls during the last stage. It was pretty funny at first though it does cause some pretty bad bugs.
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    Downloaded this recently on my new phone, along with Ristar. Feels awesome to have a blast of nostalgia easily accessible on there so looking forward to more Sega Forever releases.

    Anywhere we can keep up with future Sega Forever releases? As in new titles coming soon before they're deployed?
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    T'aw, only just saw this topic and all android codes are taken. Why aren't you guys on iPhones like most people like to brag on about these days? =P