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Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Bartman3010, Apr 27, 2017.

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    SEGA Channel Retro has reached over 1,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 400 followers on Twitch. If you aren't already following the channel, I highly recommend following or subscribing. It turns out people want to watch anything and everything SEGA related. (But really it's mostly Sonic and for some reason Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue.) So because of the channel's surge in popularity, I'm trying to brainstorm ideas for promoting the channel, what kind of content people want to see more often and what could be improved.

    So I want to put it out there, to those who do follow the channel, what would be something worth watching? In addition to that, I want to look into more short form content, like 10 minute videos for example, to prevent lapses in content. Not to mention the viewer count on 2+ hour streams can vary wildly. My new work schedule is all over the place and impedes my ability to do livestreams on a consistent basis. With no question there should be coverage of more fan games, ROM hacks, mods, but what about old SEGA games? Or perhaps SEGA hardware or maybe even something Atlus related. One of my channel's goals is to use real hardware as often as possible, especially if emulation doesn't always accurately represent games, but I also strive to provide the highest video quality possible opting for recording equipment that can provide the best image quality for both streaming and recording.

    In fact the channel generated enough ad-revenue that helped me purchase new hardware to record gameplay off of my consoles. I can't thank people enough for watching our antics after all these years, but it's time I looked into stepping up with more content.

    The aim is to be a variety channel, and while the variety may not be as...varied as I'd hope, it's basically been the outlet that me and other staff on Retro and SEGAbits use that lets us talk about games, read about David Gonterman, and highlight the community. I feel that there's some potential here that's not quite being tapped.

    So I throw it over to you folks, what would you all like to see that we're not doing? Do you want more livestreams or more shortform content? What games would you like to see?

    You can also follow the channel on Twitter which I'll be using more often to promote content.
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