Sega Ages: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Any info on this?

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    I think it helps that the Taxman port of Sonic 1 is probably the least overwhelming, as in it's still lavish, but has a less insane overhaul of goodies and upgrades to compete with over the other two. Taxman Sonic 2 had HIDDEN PALACE ZONE. How do you compete with that?

    I think if SEGA AGES Sonic 1 got patched with a bugfixed Spin Dash/Drop Dash and maybe a couple updates other releases have got since then like Sonic 2's Rumble feature, it could almost contend as a solid rerelease. It at least has a fair few features and engaging qualities that the Taxman port doesn't to balance it out.
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    Because Sega doesn't take pride in their IP, and having M2 develop this emulated version was likely less expensive (read: more profitable) than having someone get the Whitehead version working on the Switch.

    Who knows how much work would have been required to get it working on the Switch. I seriously doubt there was some kind of legal or licensing reason for not doing it. A company of Sega's size and type would be on top of their stuff and ensure they have full rights to do whatever they want with the 2013 version. It's frustrating considering how much work was likely put into carefully creating a solid, definitive version of Sonic 2 only to have it slowly become neglected and forgotten on iOS and Android over the years. I can't even find the version on the Google Play store anymore unless I'm looking in the wrong place.

    This release was for the casual Switch gamer that doesn't know they're missing 16:9, smooth special stages, Hidden Palace Zone, or anything else that the clearly definitive 2013 release of Sonic 2 had. If Sega was made up of people today that enjoyed Sonic games as much as we do, this is not the version of Sonic 2 that would have been released on the Switch this week.

    This a decision that smells like it was made by people high up at Sega that just don't care. These are the kind of people you could show a screenshot of a level in [insert Genesis Sonic game here] and they'd have no clue what game it comes from (other than knowing it's from an early Sonic game). This is why Sonic Mania was such a different kind of game from the other stuff Sega has pushed out over the last 10 20 years. It was made by people that actually know a thing or two about Sonic IP and want to do it justice.

    Sega's goal wasn't to release a great version of Sonic 2 for the Switch. I don't think there were any technical or legal limits stopping them from using the 2013 version. They just wanted to make a little extra cash, get another Sonic title in the Switch library, and just didn't see what the point would be of using the 2013 version because they don't take pride in what Sonic IP they have. None of this is M2's fault -- they did the best with the budget and requirements they were given, and this is what we get as a result.
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    That's all full-on speculation and reality might be the exact opposite.
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    After mania doing super well I honestly though we might have seen a taxman collection, digital and on cartridge for switch and even ps4/xbox but hey, sega are weird.
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    I know M2 is capable of adding Hidden Palace Zone back into the game in its emulation form, but I suppose that would take more development time and costs to do so.
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    All I want is an option to turn off the Super Sonic song.

    Sega, that's all I'm asking for next time please.