Sega 32x 60hz Mod - Please Help

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    Hello. I've done a handful of mods and i've been soldering for years, but unfortunately I seem to have made a mistake.

    I have a 50hz Australian 32x. According to the only tutorial i can find ( Here ) - The mod should be simple - If i solder a wire between A and B (or add a switch), I can put 5v through to pin 17 on the 315-xxxx chip and put the system into ntsc mode.

    Well. Those points are absolutely tiny, and although I was able to make this mod on my megadrive, this became a huge disaster. The tracks pulled up on one side, and pin 17 is now sitting upwards not connected to anything.

    However, in the tutorial, it mentions that a disconnected pin should 'pull-up' to 5v. Well. The system is still only PAL no matter what i do! I've tried resoldering a wire from the pin leg to the 5v point, but alas, still in PAL ?

    I wasn't planning on adding a switch until later, I just really wanted to play in 60hz like my megadrive.

    Just really confused. The board said its a v0. I'm not sure if anyone has some advice on what i can try but i could really use some guidance.

  2. Vangar


    Just an update - I've resoldered 5v to pin 17, the multimeter reads 5 volts... but the system still only runs in PAL/50hz ?? I'm so confused!

    EDIT: This whole thing has got me down.... Since 32x's aren't totally out of my price range for the american ones (much cheaper than pal ones), I've just decided to get an NTSC one.
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